March 21st 2001


to another addition of the Storm Riders of Rhy'Din Newsletter:
The Rolling Storm Tribune


Some very important announcements this week:
An important question...what can we all do to make our Kingdom better? ANYONE HAVE ANY SUGGESTIONS?

There are important things to read in the gossip column so please play close attention and be sure to open this letter the full way so you is important!

The Spring Tournament is now over with Dark (thedrkangei) named as the Queens Champion! Can he defend his title next year?
Bulletin boards (message boards) are done, check it out here: StRoR Board

I would read the Announcements section because things are changed and updated! The Storylines are now ready to continue! Thats right, you heard me. THE STORYLINES ARE NOW UPDATED!

If you have any questions about whats going on in the Quest or you want to join in please feel free to ask me. And do join in, it might interest you!

Plans for new buildings are underway, and a new setup for the old ones are being worked on. Now we just need people to do the work. Any volunteers? We do have buildings under construction as we speak. Portals will be placed in the usual section near the bottom of the Newsletter (descriptions, how they were built, etc are not up on the website yet, so just bear with me).

Katrina McKrain and Ailiyah Thartan are repairing the Sparring Ring.
David has been working on the castle gardens.
Salem has been working on the academy
Caitiff along with Shadow, myself and Talis has been working on the recruit lot.
Anyone else wanna volunteer to fix any of the kingdom areas and help these three loyal members restore things to their natural beauty and splendor?

I have been brainstorming these past few hopefully you guys will pour in replies to the POLLS that are on this newsletter! What is suggested there are but a few ideas...been updating the webportal maybe they need a new look? Tired of the traditional way of Rhy'Din sparring? perhaps a new way is needed? The school needs to be back up and running...we need to spread unity through learning and diplomacy not just going to war and conquering? should power (dice system) be changed for certain things or as a whole? Again these above questions are but a few that I have been thinking about and need not have answers right away...just answering the polls this week will be enough.


Okay, those of you with special Rankings, i.e. Assassins, any type of Spellcaster, Priests, etc, need to register. If you don't, you will be stripped of your Rank if you currently hold it...and those of you new people who want one of the above Ranks will be placed in Privates, under the General Forces until the registration application is completed. If any of you want the application, see me (moonlght80). Requirements are back in effect as of Monday, February 5th... the day the Roster was sent out. If you don't remember the requirements, then re-read them. They are on the Kingdom Web Portal, which is listed under the Links section of this document.
Now I don't want to hear any complaining... those who cannot fulfill the requirements for the week have already told me so.


I'm brewing on things but I need people to pick up the pace, because if it doesn't there can't be any activities!

The Masqurade Ball did not turn out so well so another one will be planned in the near future...

If anyone has any ideas they would like to submit please send them to


Why is this section even here? I for one have no idea...everyone knows this Kingdom is dead, but I am getting around to changing your backs, heh heh heh...Though people have told me I should give people a try, I don't see any reason to...nobody has done anything to deserve it.

The Welcoming Commitee has formed..if you want to be on it please see me, URIEL, on how to get started! Like I really care...nobody does a damn thing anyway, but just in case, there is a packet I can give you to help you get started out with it. And for those who want to sign up, there is a form to be looked at to explain how it works. Simply ask me if you are interested. And for any current members of the committee who would like a little help, the packet is available for you also upon your request.

New Members

Welcome to the Storm Riders....

MorRuadh The Red (morruadh)
Razael Triste (crimsonthieve)


No polls yet...I'm working on it though

Gossip Column

My apologies for no funnies this week. With the newsletter back up finally..I have some news to share with you!

First I'd like to show you some comments I received about my letter to the Kingdom last week:

Subj: Re: StRoR Updates & Changes??
Date: 10/1/2001 6:23:24 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: Kishv
To: Moonlght80

Me and my sister do not wish the guild to be disbanded.

Subj: Re: StRoR Updates & Changes??
Date: 10/1/2001 8:20:11 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: MarkRam21
To: Moonlght80

I'm truly sorry that I haven't been more active. I know it's a lame excuse, but ya know, school. I can't hardly get on during the week, and when i do, its usually to work on the projects that my teachers seem to have a fondness of. I shall try to pick myself back up again.
Thank You,

Subj: Re: StRoR Updates & Changes??
Date: 10/4/2001 11:14:45 AM Eastern Daylight Time
To: Moonlght80

Ye should know by now that I will stick with you and this kingdom either way, so I'll not make this a long one. Keep the kingdom, as ye already have shown that you will no matter what the peoples vote. If it is to go through some major changes and a drastic drop in numbers, so be it. We will strive ever onward.
ShadowHeart, yer ever loyal lapdog

Now it is with a saddened and heavy heart to show you what I recieved today. Maybe one day he will return, but only time will tell. He was a good member and most of you who know him will miss him and his brother like I will.

Subj: ((a very urgent letter))
Date: 10/10/2001 1:32:58 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: AdamSilverblade
To: Moonlght80

((greetings, Lisa, this letter is of some importance.... to, maybe, everyone. i will have to....quit the guild. that's right. i simply cannot handle what is in my hands enough in the mun world. high school is a big step for me, and i simply cannot do eighty things at once, also adding te fact at what happened at the World Trade Center..... my mother was in the building when it happened... so i've come to the conclusion that i must retire from RPing after all these years.i must take some extra weight off adding to the stress that already consumes my life. i am sorry, Lisa, but i simply must do this in order to build a good life for me. i'm not saying that this guild is unfair or anything, but it just takes alot of my time, and that i do not have. i hope that we will keep in touch soon enough. i will probably return in the realm in about a year or two. and on the upcoming newsletter, just write that that bounty hunter Johnathan Jones had hunted down and captured both ramos and adam for his collection and such [John-mun is a friend of mine, and he and i decided that this is for the best. also, he's quitting RPing so you wouldn't be able to trace or talk to him or anything]. now, i must go to bed, awaiting another day of school. good bye, Lisa))

I have not replied to him yet..for I truly do not know what to say...I am fine for him quitting, I understand it, but I do not know what to say... I didn't know about his mother till now.

If any of you would like to send him an e-mail or cards do so..I think he'd love to hear from those that new him and even those that didn't. Let him know that we at the Storm Riders care about him!


Interesting Reading of the Week


I am the flag of the United States of America.
My name is Old Glory.
I fly atop the world's tallest buildings.
I stand watch in America's halls of justice.
I fly majestically over institutions of learning.
I stand guard with power in the world.
Look up and see me.
I stand for peace, honor, truth and justice.
I stand for freedom.
I am confident.
I am arrogant.
I am proud.
When I am flown with my fellow banners,
my head is a little higher,
my colors a little truer.
I bow to no one!
I am recognized all over the world.
I am worshipped - I am saluted.
I am loved - I am revered.
I am respected - and I am feared.
I have fought in every battle of every war
for more then 200 years.
I was flown at Valley Forge, Gettysburg, Shiloh and Appamatox.
I was there at San Juan Hill, the trenches of France, in the Argonne
Forest, Anzio, Rome and the beaches of Normandy, Guam. Okinawa, Korea and
KheSan, Saigon, Vietnam know me, I was there.
I led my troops, I was dirty, battleworn and tired,
but my soldiers cheered me And I was proud.
I have been burned, torn and trampled on the streets of countries I have
helped set free. It does not hurt, for I am invincible.
I have been soiled upon, burned, torn and trampled on the streets of my country.
And when it's by those whom I've served in battle - it hurts.
But I shall overcome - for I am strong.
I have slipped the bonds of Earth and stood watch over the uncharted
frontiers of space from my vantage point on the moon.
I have borne silent witness to all of America's finest hours.
But my finest hours are yet to come.
When I am torn into strips and used as bandages for my wounded comrades on
the battlefield, When I am flown at half-mast to honor my soldiers, or when
I lie in the trembling arms of a grieving parent at the grave of their
fallen son or daughter,
I am proud.



Web Page: Storm Riders of Rhy'Din

Empire/Forum: Zartenoth (ZLotCS)


They are being rebuilt, and additions are being made. (The Private Rooms are being left off, because I don't want outsiders entering the rooms. If you want the PR's, they will be added onto the Kingdom Web Site, and there will be an OOC note concerning IC entering and such la la la.)

Kingdom areas are still hiring See the Queen- Regent...that's Uriel, get it right...for requirements. These are the rooms available...seems they are in a bit of disrepair at the moment though (see Storyline for details)...seems someone should do something about that, don't you think? (the sparring ring and recruit lot, cathedral, School are currently being repaired...the lonely forest castle, apothecary, and the Gardens are being built)

*~*~* Please remember to place the Kingdom acronym in your life scroll. StRoR is all that is necessary. Dice and rank are optional. You are the best example of this Kingdom. *~*~*

If you have any newsworthy notes, interesting tidbits, or just information you would like passed along, please drop me a line. Comments and suggestions are also welcome. Keep active, keep up the good work and have a great week.

With most heartfelt tidings

Uriel Moonshyne (moonlght80)

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