NOTICE: Author Note

Some of the following advice statements are NOT the author's opinions. These are derived based off of news posts and player comments/complaints.

Quite honestly, if you look past all the bullshit stated below, Eotl is actually a pretty fun mud, when you get used to it. Have some patience and give it a try. Then if you don't like it, you know you have a legit reason for it.

No one gives a shit who the hell you are. When you log on, more than likely you are going to be:
    Insulted as soon as you log on
    Killed as soon a you move out of the starting area
    Harassed/Killed if you pick the wrong character name
    Made fun of
This all seems to stem off that everythinks they're a badass behind their computer because they're good at a text-based game.

Newbie's First Area
If you decide to play after the before mentioned, congradulations. Prepare for hell. The only area seems safe enough for lower characters is the Namek Fishing area. Once you do the fishing, go kill off the nameks in the area. They provide decent experience and coins and don't really hit all that hard. Be careful, there are a few larger monsters that you may not be able to take right away.

Newbie Academy
If you are new to mudding, or just want some insight into the playing style on Eotl, you can go through the Newbie Academy from the first room. Just climb into the balloon that is found in lounge. The rest is up to you to find.

No one is safe on Eotl. Most of the higher leveled characters seem to think they own the place, and would continue to play here, even if they were the only ones to log on. People do have smaller chars that they will play just to get you worked up, then log on one of these bigger characters to 'teach you a lesson'. Best suggestion, be cautious of everyone you meet or that talks to you. Better suggestion, don't talk to anyone.

"Learn to run!"
This is perhaps the biggest bullshit excuse you will hear on Eotl. The pkillers of Eotl mostly use the '1 hit shot' to pkill, meaning they do anywhere between 500-1000 hp damage in one hit. Most of the people who will pkill you will tell you that you just need to run if you get attacked. So explain this, if you are killed in one hit, how are you supposed to run? Just a fair warning to everyone.

Don't bother complaining about being pkilled
When you are pkilled, don't whine about it. All it will do is piss off the pkiller and they'll do it again. Actually, this will entertain the pkiller and they'll do it again for another ego boost. Don't give them the satisfaction.

Some good stuff
If you've made it this far, there are a few good things about Eotl, in spite of the overall meanness of it's players. You will find a wide diversity of area from Smurfs to Vampires to Captain Picard of the Enterprise. If you can handle ignoring the other players and can overlook the occasional random pkill, then you may find that Eotl is a somewhat decently built mud.

Is there anything else good about Eotl?
Honestly, everyone is in denial about Eotl going downhill. Many players have brought new player to Eotl. More times than not, the new player will leave because someone 50+ levels will kill them repeatedly or no one will help them. Everyone just keeps telling them "type help 'insert random thing here'" or "go to the newbie academy". There are a few friendly people left on Eotl, but they are scarce and hardly play themselves anymore. Most of the players spend a good portion of their time bitching at each other. The larger players won't kill each other because they 'have respect' for each other. The truth being that even if you get that high in levels, they'll still kill you. There is a small collection of people, known as SCoMP (Secret Clan of Mean People), that think they "own" the mud. Once in a while, you can catch them telling other players to quit the mud or they will keep cycling their characters. Changing characters won't help, mainly because the those players are friends with many of the wizzes in real life, and those wizzes will tell them if you make a new character or not by crosschecking IP's. (Author note: I've seen this happen before, firsthand. Not sure if it still happens though.) Changing names doesn't help either. Anyone who knows how to access the news posts will see that name changes are announced.
Because of these trends, Eotl has gone from a player base of 100+ people logged on every day to about 30-40 people logged on. That's a dramatic drop and the numbers continue to fall. Check out Earthmud some time. It would not be surprising if Eotl ended up that way some day.

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