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The Ultimate Mega Man RPG

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9/8/02 5:07 PM~ Wuz up Everyone? Im back, but most of you arent! The GW RPG was good but I stopped updating because too many things were being changed, and I was very busy. It looks like its time to start back the mega man if your actually readin this PLEASE EMAIL ME!! Me, Angelus (Godswrathe), and Edonil (Shade) are going to be making a great rpg in the near future so look out for that too! We will..eerr.. I will be updating a few things and adding stuff for a while, then when it is time I will go out and find some people to join. If not to many people join...oh well...the few that still want to be in the RPG and I will have all the fun. ~Damien
7/7/02 12:33 PM~ Well, Im done with the RPG. Im going to work on my old GW type RPG. This RPG is great, and the everything works fine....but I think mega man is kinda tired, and we dont seem to be attracting more members. PimpBaller guy aka Akuma was like the only person, and I think Akuma is actually Angelus bka Godswrathe. Im not alone on this. But anyway, im giving the RPG to someone...whoever wants to take it...but they have to be a good friend of mine. Im lookin towards Xero...or maybe even Shade. Email me ~Damien
7/3/02 8:10 PM~ Heh, looks like no1 can defeat me now....anyway...were gettin some more members... and we could use a few more. Please try to get us some!! for the tourny, I think we can wait a while. I dont want to dominate.... ive been updatin stats like everyday and crap, so im glad that most of you are active members, but im also tired of updating crap. Oh well, its a ____ job but someone has to do it ~Damien
6/29/02 1:51 PM~ Errr....If I keep on waking up at almost 2 pm, and going to bed at like 5 am....Im gonna die. Im soooooooooo tired!!! Anyway, im glad that some of you people have been active, and im also glad that I can kill some of you in one hit....=D...I think we can have a mini tourny, on like monday..Give me a minute to finish this update, then add the info on the tourny page. Have fun fighting, and questing. If your not on a mission, just email me and I can tell u to shove it up ur rear.. that is all... ~Damien
6/28/02 5:22 PM~ WOAH! We have had lots of battles and stuff from 12 am all the way till now! Im glad to see battles and things going on, and quests and what not. So, I hope you all have fun, play nice, and all that good stuff. I need all your stats by the end of today people! I dont want to stay up late updating again. If you have any questions or problems, email me or someone on the staff. ~Damien
6/27/02 11:10 PM~ I can't wait for tommorrow. I hope I dont lose any fights, some of you are going to be a challenge for me. The RPG opens up in just a few minutes. I have beeen fooling around with my stats and pic, and if you want your stats or anything changed, tell me before you fight or do anything. Once you start doing something.... you can start over.. but with your money at -500 and 50 points less to start with... unless I think your coo =] Get ready to fight and stuff, and if you need help/training just IM me! All refs should be ready to ref and don't forget to copy the battles and send them to me! I changed my bio too... but not by much. You can check that out if you want. That should be out! ~Damien
6/26/02 5:22 PM~ [Read] Well, I put up 2 new members today. They need to give me their pics though! Gentroin I need a bio from you too!! These two people are refs, and I hope they will be active members. I added another question to the FAQ and I added more stuff to battling. I put "If sp is tied then whoever has less str goes first" and "If you attack a group of foes then the damage is spread evenly between them"...our refs are very smart so if all stats are tied then im sure they will figure a way to get the match started fairly. ~Damien
6/26/02 5:20 PM~ [Read] Well, Angelus is going to give me some things to add to the Special Attacks Page and Finishers Page, so look for more updates on that. After Friday I will start posting in game news, and I will only post updates about things not in game if they are important and they will be labeled OOGN(Out of Game News)... ~Damien
6/25/02 3:57 PM~ [Updated Version]Sup...I went over most pages and I found some errors. I fixed up the weapons and things because I noticed that the reploid weapons were sucky and crap. I increased the armor you get when you buy armors, and I also messed around with how you increase your stats and I added a question to the FAQ page. Check out the quests page for added info on quests. Read all the updates I post, because I have people asking when the meeting starts, when it says it right below!! Send in comics and stuff before I win the contest!! It ends Monday!! ~Damien
6/24/02 5:19 PM~ Well, I have been reffing practice missions to get ready for Friday. Make sure your on then!! Check out the missions page to see how I fixed things. I plan to add a list of enemies to a page refs can go to for some random foes to use in quests and missions. Most refs wont need this since they have a good imagination and probably will create monsters in their heads long before starting the battle. Well, I hope that made sense to you... ~Damien
6/24/02 5:13 PM~ I plan on buying Neverwinter Nights, so I might get addicted. We could use 1 or 2 more members that will be active since we already have 1 person that quit because his mom banned him from his comp or whatever, and 1 inactice member. Some of you goons think the RPG is dead, when in fact its not even open to battles or anything!! Calm down and wait.... ~Damien
6/22/02 8:46 PM~ Sorry about not leaving any info for a while. I have been at my cousin's house for a while and battles have not happened. This is good, because I forgot to let everyone know that we will have the first battle meeting at 6:00 p.m. this Friday. Since I didnt tell anyone/could not make it...we will have it next friday..but don't forget you can battle whenever you want. Oh and...all refs/people that want to ref talk to me so we can get a meeting going...we all need to practice reffing and stuff together, so we can be on the same page. I think thats about it.... ~Damien
6/17/02 12:09 PM~ I finished just about every page. Im 98% sure that everything is perfect. Check out the tourny page for updates, and I updated just about every other page..or checked them over to make sure everything is ok. I added small little things like the "News-" thing you see above and I also fixed little errors on some pages. Hope we all have fun...THE RPG IS OFFICIALLY OPEN!!!!!!BATTLE AND OWN!!
6/16/02 11:26 PM~ Since im bored..with nothing else to going to add the stuff for the site tonight...and ill re check everything tomm afternoon....expect the RPG to open tomm night around 9...I know this update is kinda sucky..but im tired and I need to work on adding stuff, not posting news. Everyone check their stats and things and make sure everything is right. Send in your pics/bios now!! ~Damien

6/05/02 6:10 PM~ Sup?! I stopped playing AAA! I still got to do this project. I plan to start the RPG as soon as summer starts! I think my C++ books can wait a few months, only 13. ~Damien

5/24/02 11:15 AM~ Sorryyyyy! I can't do much updating cuz im back on AAA...(soon to quit)...i got a big project...and...IM GOING TO START BACK MY STUDIES!! I plan to start making my first game within the first few weeks of summer. ~Damien

5/18/02 3:34 PM~ I begged Shade and Ashton to do some stuff for me, if they did those things, we would be playing right now! But they are no good bastards...well..Shade helps hes not that bad. Ill do the weapons and things we need Monday-Wednesday. I gotta do this project thing this weekend, so im sorry. Email me if you can help update, or give ideas. ~Damien

5/16/02 5:54 PM~ Not much updated, I had to do a project worth 4 grades, and then I got a project worth over 14 grades to start up over the weekend, all this crap is not helping me to update. I will update like mad today and Friday, and hopefully we will get started by the week after next. Im sure this will be done by then, too bad NOBODY FREAKING HELPS ME!!! If Shade or one of the staff actually updated stuff often, then we could start, but then again...they don't have the information to update yet, do they? ~Damien

5/14/02 5:41 PM~ I updated the FAQ page, more Bios, Pics, and I still need to get the rest of the members up and finished. Memorial weekend will give me time to finish up everything and for us to start hoepfully. Once we get our ish in order... ~ Damien

5/13/02 9:06 PM~ Yo...I gave over my alien to my cousin, Charmer. The pages are up and good, I just need to fix a few errors, and make new things.. So far, things are going great. I got a project worth 40% of my grade thats due in 4 weeks, and more projects coming up. Things are getting better, and most of the bios are up. I got lots of stuff to put up! Check the pages daily! ~ Damien

5/12/02 4:32 PM~ Sup? I've been on aaa like a junky and finally got off. After a few days, I got everypage's color changed. So far, everyone likes it. No, this does not mean im back, I'll try to update often, but no promises. I really need to pass...most of my grades have went up..but some still need to go up a bit more. Send in bios or pics for your chars if you have them! ~ Damien

5/9/02 6:34 PM~ This is Damien. I've been working on the layout. This is alot better to me. As Shade said, I will not be working much on the RPG because im FAILING 2 classes already. I need to focus on school and pass...or I am screwed!.~ Damien

5/7/02 5:05 PM~ In current news, Damien will not be updating anytime soon, since school is very taxing this time of year. Expect updates from him starting around summer.~ Shade

4/29/02 5:30 PM~ I tried to fix these "errors" but they are EVERYWHERE! it was my birthday..and i stayed out for that week. So now i have lots of HW and tests to make up. The new banner should be up..i wonder how it looks... ~ Damien

4/24/02 11:30 PM~ Well, someone screwed around with the site..because my comic is no longer up with my other one....and multiple errors I fixed are back...this is starting to piss me off...considering its my Birthday..and i come on at 11:30 to find my hard work has been screwed with! ~ Damien

4/22/02 9:39 AM~ Well it looks like the site is going pretty good after last night. I still have a little updating to do. Other than that, things are going to go rather smoothly once we get about 20 members, but remember we can always have more! Thanks ~ Damien


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