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Realm of Azengaard site forever under construction.

Author e-mail address has changed. Please send your comments to

29 Oct 2007 Lionheart: Legacy of the Crusader Game Guide from Game Banshee available.

29 April 2006 Again I render an apology to all of you out there whose e-mails I was unable to read and, more importantly, receive. It appears that hotmail has a policy of trashing accounts that have been inactive for three months or more. And, as you may or may not know, I've been pretty much buried inside a national training hospital, from which I have seen little sunlight, until around two weeks ago.

Creepin, thank you for understanding the complexity of my work outside of modding, for not having your "revenge for not having an author's answer", and for seeking the "greater modding good". Again, my apologies.

Cristiano, thank you for calling my attention to this issue. My break from my duties is just about done, and your e-mail arrived just in time. I would have looked into this in December had you not sent your message.

I have ceased working on The Vault Walkthrough as of today, as I am intently looking into enhancing the mod's compatibility. I may decide to release the BETA Version 0.1, which includes details of three out of the five quests, if the clamor for it should arise. Thanks again.

26 April 2006 Additional typo errors have been corrected for The Vault Version 5.0

25 April 2006 available for BG1TUTU. Compatibility issues resolved

24 April 2006 The Vault Version 5.0 released. ReadMe here  

14 April 2006 The Vault 5.0 BETA released. Bug reports have been fixed

30 April 2004 Azengaard Tactical Encounter Version 2.0 released. ReadMe here






Azengaard Tactical Encounter Version 2.0

An Unofficial Expansion for Baldur's Gate 2: Throne of Bhaal

Release Date: 30 April 2004



The Vault Version 5.0

An Unofficial Expansion  for Baldur's Gate: Tales of the Sword Coast and BG1Tutu

Release Date: 24 April 2006



Baldur's Gate 2: Shadows of Amn and Throne of Bhaal Walkthrough

  the definitive walkthrough for BG2: SoA and ToB by Dan Simpson



Azengaard Tactical Encounter Screenshots COMING SOON


Baldur's Gate and Tales of the Sword Coast Walkthrough

  the definitive walkthrough for BG and TotSC by Dan Simpson



the Vault Walkthrough COMING SOON

  the definitive walkthrough for the Vault MOD by josh_clue



the Vault Screenshots


Links:   Arundor's Abode   mirror site for The Vault and home to countless other customized items, spells, scripts, etc.
    WeiDU   home of the Weimer Dialogue Utility and other WeiDU based mods
    Near Infinity home of the popular Infinity Engine editing and resource-creating tool
    Forgotten Wars Studios Forums forums for technical support and new mod updates
    BG1Tutu home of the BG1 to BG2 conversion project

TeamBG   TeamBG, nuff said

Baldur's Gate, Tales of the Sword Coast, Baldur's Gate 2, Throne of Bhaal, are Copyright BioWare. Dungeons & Dragons material is Copyright Wizards of the Coast. All original content is Copyright Realm of Azengaard

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