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Welcome to the World of Wearth

Adventures in the World of Wearth is a D&D 3rd Edition Campaign World

This site is primarily created for the players in my D&D game,
a place to put information and accumulated knowledge,
and a place to chronicle their adventures on Wearth.



Latest Updates:

Added Game 23(a) and Game 23(b) Write-ups
Added Game 22 Write-up
Added Game 21 Write-up
Added Game 20 Write-up
Added Game 19 Write-up
Updated player Character Sheets
Added Game 18 Write-up
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The World of Wearth is not a totally original creation of my own mind, but rather a mish-mash of various campaign worlds and maps along with a somewhat original creation story. If you are interested in the behind the scenes creation of Wearth follow this <<link>>


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