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Adventures in the World of Wearth

In the 25+ years I have been playing and DM'ing Dungeons & Dragons I have collected a lot of character sheets. A long time ago I started stuffing all the old, dead characters in the games I was in into a big folder. As I started DM'ing I always tried to keep the players sheets. So as time went on I amassed a bunch of "dead" character sheets.

These are not all the characters that have been played by these people in the past 25 years by any means. A lot of OD&D characters from the early years before I really started gathering them, a lot of 1st level "one night kills", and the more than occasional "rip them up cause I died" sheets are missing. For example I only have two of Keith's 1st Edition characters, and I know he must have played at least a dozen.  Not all of these characters are "dead", some are from campaigns that ended or "one shot" games.

These are scans of the original character sheets. If you want to see how D&D has gotten more complex over the years just compare a character from OD&D to a 2nd or 3rd Edition character.

I have arranged them both by which edition and by who played the characters. There is a big bunch of "unknowns" mainly because it was a long time ago and I am going on my own memory and people's handwriting. If you know that a character belonged to someone (or someone else) let me know.

Character Files by Edition

Original D&D - This is the original 3 booklet set with Greyhawk, Blackmoor, Eldrich Wizardry, etc.
1st Edition - There are a lot of characters that we went through using 1st Edition rules.Most of these were dungeon crawls and the "classics".
2nd Edition - These games tended to be more long term campaigns.
3rd Edition - This area is still growing :)
GURPS - Mostly for completeness sake I have included the character sheets from our few GURPS games.

Character Files by Player


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