Lost and Found: an Amber Chronicle

(...Though "Farce" might be more appropriate, at the rate we're going...)

Updates Button 12/13/03 This page is constantly UNDER CONSTRUCTION!

Things to See, and So On

PC Page Where to put most of the blame - the Player Characters.
NPC Page The overly complex Royal Family, assorted Chaosites, and some Rebmans
Animals Page Notable horses, as well as other creatures.
Items Page General items of importance
Shadows Page The Shadows of any importance at all (in other words, they got visited)
Sessions Page The (somewhat vague) Session Summaries, as written by the GM -
oh, and the History before the Chronicle...
Quotes Page Amusing quotes from the game (lots of them)
GM Stuff Where to put the rest of the blame. :) Serious info, not-so-serious info,
text resources from the game, etc. And my program!

We began this... venture... on February 29, 2000. Perhaps that should have been taken as an omen.
Either way, sessions have continued at a somewhat erratic pace. Who knows how long it will last?

Questions? Comments?
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