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The Fantasy World Builders Forum - Resources


Here is a comprehensive list of all the resources that I could find for Fantasy World Builders, however you will find most of the material here geared towards Dungeons and Dragons. Resources with a yl_sqdi.gif (86 bytes) next to them are links to great resources created by other world creators. Resources with a bl_sqdi.gif (86 bytes) next to them were created by either me or other forum posters. We hope you fidn something to your liking!

yl_sqdi.gif (86 bytes) D20 Economics by "Old One"
yl_sqdi.gif (86 bytes) Medieval Demographics Made Easy
yl_sqdi.gif (86 bytes) Fantasy Map Making
yl_sqdi.gif (86 bytes) Medieval Demographics Made Easy CGI Calculator - Does the Maths for you!
yl_sqdi.gif (86 bytes) The Black Pyramid - 1e, 2e Sourcebooks
yl_sqdi.gif (86 bytes) Huge list of Fantasy World Building Questions
yl_sqdi.gif (86 bytes) Huge Database of World Building Sites
yl_sqdi.gif (86 bytes) Create your own languages
yl_sqdi.gif (86 bytes) Fantasy Names Database
yl_sqdi.gif (86 bytes) Online D&D 3E Generators of all kinds!
yl_sqdi.gif (86 bytes) Example of a Succesful World Building Project 


Request for Submissions

If you have something you have created that would be useful for world builders drop me a line at

To open most of these files you will need Winzip. This can be downloaded here.

bl_sqdi.gif (86 bytes) The World of Aiem Map
Look out for the updated version coming soon. 500k Zip.

bl_sqdi.gif (86 bytes) Race Template
32kb Doc.
Drang-Mi-Laran Language Sheet
23kb Doc.

Coming Soon:

rd_di.gif (198 bytes) A Town template.

rd_di.gif (198 bytes) Random NPC Name Table.


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