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The Fantasy World Builders Forum - Free Hosting and Web Design for DM's

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I am offering free Campaign World hosting for Dungeon Masters who don't know HTML and would like a website for their campaign that their players can access from anywhere. There are however, some requirements due to time restrictions and a limit of 50megabytes of space on the angelfire server. These are:

1) The Campaign World must be converted to Dungeons and Dragons 3rd edition if not already so (Due to my advertisers accepting only 3E material, you understand :o)

2) The games you host must be online. This is because it is a great asset to an online DM to have a campaign website. Face-to-Face DM's can simply hand players resources when they meet. We work on a system of giving to those who need it most :o)

3) DM's who wish to have a page or two with some info for their players are also eligable no matter what editin they play. Circumstances may differ.

If you can comply with these guidelines then e-mail me at - remember, I'm not getting paid and this is a free service, so sites may be taken down without notice due to time constraints. You will be notified before this happens if for some reason it does.

This service will only remain as long as people are respecful of me and do not abuse the service. Thanks for reading!

There is one hosted Campaign World as yet.


Hoping some of you DM's will take advantage of this free hosting and web design service soon!

Coming Soon:

rd_di.gif (198 bytes) Loads of updates to my world, Aiem.

rd_di.gif (198 bytes) Expect links to the websites of Forum Members. Are you a forum member with a campaign website? Post me your link and I'll put it up here for all to see :o)


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