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The Gathering of the Entranced
Beliefs of the Gathering of the Entranced
The Gathering's Oath

The Gathering of the Entranced is an Enlightened house. This means that we believe that there are many, many planes of existance. All of these planes, including Cloudsbreak, Underlight and the Nirvana, are interconnected and all effect each other through our actions, either directly or indirectly. A good example of how they effect each other is this:

Imagine a still pond, this being all interconnected planes. You throw a pebble into the pond, your throwing it into the water being an action. Where the pebble is thrown in, this is the part of the pond directly effected. The ripples created by you throwing the stone spread out and effect every part of the pond, making the entire pond being effected indirectly.

The Gathering strives for balance, within oneself and within the dream. We believe that dreamers must learn to achieve harmony by balancing their actions, and strive to fight the taint within. This taint within us comes in many forms. Jealousy, hate, greed and anger are all forms of taint found in ourselves. However, the gathering also fights taint in the dream. We believe that the nightmares are tainted, and in order to achieve balance in the dream and all other planes, we cleanse nightmare essences. This cleansing nullifies all taint, leaving pure, raw essence, which is now untainted and balanced.

The Nirvana is a higher plane of existance which few dreamers are ever able to reach, however, through balance within, some have. The Nirvana is a plane of perfect balance and harmony, only accessable to dreamers who manage harmony within themselves. All members of the Gathering strive to achieve the Nirvana, through battling the taint inside themselves and achieving harmony within themselves and in the dream.

Finally, the Gathering follows the three principles of truth, which state:

The knowledge of truth brings knowledge of what is false.

Perception is relitive, but truth is absolute. Its matter does not change with the manner in which it is viewed.

It is impossible for anyone to be omni-potent or omni-present, personal balance can only deal with those truths pertinent and presentable to you.

The gathering looks to these three truths to help achieve personal balance within oneself.