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get this gear!

Hello and Welcome!

Over the years we have gained some fandom and have been asked to participate in some link exchanges. Now we are proud to say that we have banners to go with any link exchanges.

So far we have only a few "button" sized banners which were all made by Mike (xxcogliostroxx), the artwork is courtesy of commissions we paid for by Sue-chan, she has graciously let her use her art in this way, saying "I have no problem with whatever you do with these pictures - once I'm done with them and they're all paid for, I consider them the property of the person commissioning them. They're your characters and your picture ideas. I'm just the instrument who put them on the page. And honestly, I'm flattered you like the art enough to make them into buttons/banners!"

Please browse though the banners and pick what best suits you. We will add more later and you may change graphics at any time. Even keeping you link text based is fine, just mail us using the contact link and let us know you linked us.

Be kind and right click on the graphic and "Save As" saving the image onto your computer so you can upload the image onto your own website. Bandwith is costly and we will rename graphics if we find folks are abusing the images.

Please enjoy!

©2006 commissoned art by Steph Larsen

For the hard core gamer that liked our house rules, feats, flaws and more best go to our Roleplay Nexus Of course if you are just looking for the Drow Information then click on the image above!