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The Rolling Stone Article Collection

It's Sign Up a Genius Month 4/26/73 Stuart Werbin

A Rock Star is Born 9/25/75 Dave Marsh

Born to Hit & Run 7/1/76 Jim Petersen

Springsteen Fever 7/13/78 Paul Nelson

Bruce Springsteen Raises Cain 8/24/78 Dave Marsh

The Boss is Back 11/27/80 Fred Schruers

Born Again: The Rolling Stone Interview 12/06/84 Kurt Loder

Bruce Springsteen and the Secret of the World 2/05/81 Fred Schruers

Artist of the Year: Bruce! 2/28/85 Kurt Loder

70,000 See Springsteen in Ireland 7/18/85 Joe Breen

Bruce Springsteen's Tunnel Vision 5/05/88 Steve Pond

Human Touch: The Rolling Stone Interview 8/06/92 James Henke

Bruce Rocks the U.K. 6/24/93 David Sinclair

The River Runs Through It 11/10/98 Blair Fischer

Springsteen's Secret History 12/10/98

Bruce Returns to the Land of Hope and Dreams 7/16/99 Anthony DeCurtis

Unlike Eminem and Cat, Springsteen Shows Courage Under Fire 6/17/00 Anthony DeCurtis

Bruce and E Street Rise Again 6/03/02 Andrew Dansby

Review: The Rising July 2002 Kurt Loder

Bruce Springsteen's American Gospel (excerpt) 8/22/02 Mark Binelli


smaller articles and news items:

Springsteen Returns to the Road August 20, 1981

Bruce and Bon Jovi Jersey rockers surprise the Stone Pony June 4, 1987

Springsteen slays 'em in Stockholm August 6, 1992

Bruce shines in his stripped-down Florida show February 6, 1997

Fifteen legends nominated for the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

Bruce Springsteen prepares to argue in London's High Court; box set street date official 1998)

The Boss acts (no date)

First Dates on Springsteen's U.S. Tour Announced May 18, 1999

The Boss sells out fifteen New Jersey shows in thirteen hours May 24, 1999

The Week in Weird Bruce Springsteen 101 January 14, 2000

Springsteen to Tour U.S. in Spring January 25, 2000

Artists pay tribute to Springsteen's "Nebraska" with "Badlands" November 8, 2000

Springsteen to Play Holiday Benefit Shows December 13, 2000

Springsteen Readies Two DVD Releases December 21, 2000

Police Group Urges Springsteen Boycott June 13, 2000

Police leader issues an apology for remarks about Springsteen June 17, 2000

Springsteen gets his first ever television special February 8, 2001

Double live album to coincide with Springsteen HBO special February 27, 2001

U.S. judge rules that album of earliest recordings belongs to Bruce June 27, 2001

Springsteen to offer live DVD September 13, 2001

Bruce, Alicia Do TV Special September 19, 2001

Telethon Raises $150M September 25, 2001

New Jersey benefit to aid area victims of September 11th attacks October 16, 2001

Holiday Greetings From Asbury Park December 10, 2001

Music fans rally to save the club that launched Springsteen January 11, 2002

Bruce at work with the E Street Band May 15, 2002

Springsteen Takes E Street on Road July 10, 2002

Bruce says he wanted to make an "essential" albumJuly 18, 2002

Springsteen to Play VMAs July 22, 2002

"The Rising" gives Bruce his first Number One in more than ten years August 7, 2002

Springsteen Remains Number One August 14, 2002


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