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Submarine Development

Tuesday, 12 April 2005

down but not out...
Mood:  energetic
Well, saturday was the pool testing. It was amazing. pictures can be seen at yahoo! photos, in the "Submarine 9th April" album.

sunday i began to focus on the HUD. On monday in college i worked out a good deal of stuff. I am including Screenshots. here is one of me trying to execute a fighter like maneouver:)

Another one of the map builder

And the last component i added... web cam viewing

though weve done a lot more with pattern recognition and the like they arent in vb6 (my language of choice) so uploading them will take a while.

plans are in a constant state of flux but this is the good part where lil details have to be worked out before thinkin of implementin em. hope we dont make any wrong choices

officially work is shifting to documentation, reports and microcontrollers. Our test rig to deploy control + instrumetation equipment is being assembled right now


Posted by Imran at 12:01 PM EDT
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Monday, 28 March 2005

progress finally!!!
been busy a while-

got some cool pictures at yahoo check em out. if anyone knows where i can put up video clips too lemme know.

were on the verge of gettin our sub to work in the water. it floated and submerged today. just need to trim it (adjust weights) tomorrow

plans for the WESC are goin great. everyday we learn more and the final product is takin good shape. figured out what configs were gonna use. viveks done good to get the map building parts ready. it can now work with an input stream (from the sensors) with instrumentation in ANY direction. now up to me to provide him with that i guess.

wah!!! i lost my 'borrowed' philips chip - as in i returned it. if ANYONE wants to sell/donate their old P89C51RD2HBP to me cause theyre upgrading to the eBox, lemme know. looks like im gonna have to build that atmel programmer now. ouch. hey i just realised there was an EASY way to program the 89s8252:)

not so soon though. sonar is comin along well. gotta dedicate a team member to ANN soon. viveks up for it but i think ill be needin him for other things like software integration. and learning to use the eBox co z i aint gonna have time wit all the electronics/fabrication/arrears to worry about.

good thing kp is gonna be free to help with instrumentation. i jus gotta try and keep him from tryin to build a one man submersible and killin us all wit grandeur:)

its late. lemme get back to DOIN somethin then ill get back and write more:)

hope i dont take too long...

Team Delphi

Posted by Imran at 3:02 PM EST
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Wednesday, 2 March 2005

progress... but none tangible:)
Mood:  bright
Well guys,

Its been a lot of planning and there was no way we could use our existing grp built sub for the WESC

We just submitted our project descriptions

Basically we get to build a PVC model now from scratch... thatll include the piston tank (the lil black thing in the center of the techrack) whichll be the most complicated as far as mechanics is concerned...


KP gets to design and build the 2 foot model. On top of finishing and marketing our existing submarine and putting up with a guy like me. Were always competing for craziest guy in the team and sometimes i let him 'think' hes winning:)

Vivek will have the job of learning .net overnight. Poor guy. I wish i had more time to help but electronics is gonna be the biggest pain. Its what holds everything else together. But hes got good programming sense and Microsoft has always focused on easy learnability. I guess thats what everyone is betting on...

Gobind gets the awesome job of learning to work DSP and work the sonar in Matlab. Once hes figured it out, im hopin vivekll be able to translate that into .net. I dont envy them.

I of course will get most of the ultra fun stuff. I think im gonna beat Jim Morrison by 7 years:) Learning to implement wire control. I get to work the electronics, onboard GPS, hooking up the webcam, measuring pitch and roll. apart from runnin around makin sure everyones equipped and in ship shape.

If ANYONE has a clue as to how i can multitask a single serial port in an 8051, please let me know:)

All this fun is till april 23rd. Somewhere in between we gotta TRY and complete our degrees (viveks only in second year so hes safe for now).

am busy updatin my site now as well. will get back to u folks later


Posted by Imran at 8:36 PM EST
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Monday, 21 February 2005

Techrack Ready!!!
Mood:  celebratory
Well the techracks actually been ready for a couple of days now... im tryin to make money to fund the next stage... here is a picture of me, KP & sir (Right to Left)

Christ we all look horrible. shoulda taken better one;)

its been a busy week with the 4 of us each battling with our own tasks. review is tomorrow.

Im also hoping to get some information from the Chennai .net User Group CNUG student champ meet tomorrow.

Help for the Windows Embedded Student Challenge that is... WESC

Were hoping to take our submarine, put windows XPembedded on it, get in GPS, underwater IFF id using a sonar library, make our sub autonomous... all in conjunction with on-board controlling electronics that im planning to build over the next month as me BE final year project

Right now we gotta put the motors, get the power supply and test out the screw, the rudders and the elevators

ill get some pics in when thats done:)

Posted by Imran at 11:03 AM EST
Updated: Monday, 21 February 2005 12:15 PM EST
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Tuesday, 8 February 2005

We began... setting up
Mood:  energetic
we just got back from bombay IIT's techfest... man it was a blast. they had DCs 2001 F1 car over there. ill put up the pics of that later (when i get it:) for all u formula one fans out there u can eat ur guts out

well we finally got thngs out of the box and started putting em all together.

heres some pictures

Posted by Imran at 12:01 AM EST
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