Anunnakism is a relatively new spiritual path (being founded in the year 1993 c.e.) - but its' roots lie in humankind's distant prehistoric past. The Anunnakist Mystical System itself  is an amalgam of several ancient practices, namely shamanism, mysticism and the pantheistic pagan rituals of the world's first civilizations of Mesopotamia. In addition to these ancient esoteric systems we have also incorporated many of the philosophies and theorems of modern magickal practice. 


We are known as "The Watchers Guild" because our genesis was as a guild-based magickal teaching system which revered the ancient Deities of Mesopotamia known as the Anunnaki. These Anunnaki Gods were also known to the ancients as "The Great Watchers" - and as recent scholarly and archaeological evidence suggests, were more than likely the true inspiration behind the legends of what we now call Angels - most notably the Watchers, a caste of "Fallen Angels" from Enochic literature who were responsible for giving humankind the forbidden knowledge of the heavens. Hence the name of our Guild.