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Engrish Two Towers Subtitles

First hour:
Second hour:
Third hour:
000 - 020 minutes .... 020 - 040 minutes .... 040 - 060 minutes
060 - 080 minutes .... 080 - 100 minutes .... 100 - 120 minutes
120 - 140 minutes .... 140 - 160 minutes .... 160 - 180 minutes

This website celebrates the wonderful Engrish subtitles featured in an Asian bootleg DVD of Lord of The Rings - The Two Towers. What you see is exactly what appears on the TV screen. The first half of the movie has the most screen grabs, as there is more action than talking later on, and the subtitle writers eventually started getting the name of the characters right. Have fun!

Here's a definition of the word "engrish" from an online dictionary:

"Engrish is a slang term which refers to an English language phrase that arose through poor translation of another language (usually Japanese) into English, or sometimes, poor translation of English into another language followed by good translation back into English. This used to be a frequent occurrence with product manuals, which might say something like "to make speed up find up out document", but it's less frequent today. Another source of poor translation is an unchecked machine-produced translation, such as that from the Babelfish service."