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"He had been accustomed to giving way and not giving his own opinions air, while retaining a power of command among men, such as a man may obtain who is evidently personally courageous and decisive, but also modest, fair-minded and scrupulously just, and very merciful."
[J.R.R. Tolkien in a draft letter to a reader, in: The Letters of J.R.R. Tolkien]




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Faramir SlashFics Group
Our Yahoo group!



Of Elves and Men
The archive of the Yahoo-List LOTR_Adult_Fiction.

The Library of Moria
Lord of the Rings Slash and RPS Fanfiction Archives. Fiction featuring Faramir can be found HERE.

"Unleash your imagination and free your soul."

R and NC-17 rated fiction only


Author's / Artist's websites

By the Blood of Gondor
Mari's LOTR site, includes pictures, fan fics, and links/banners/buttons to sites. All character fics and all types of fics are welcomed. RPS are also very much welcomed.

Blossomwitch's FanFiction
Here you will find all of Blossomwitch's fanfiction, as well as links to LOTR resources, archives, and other LOTR writer's websites.

Elf candy and other treats at Camilla's candy store

Carla Jane's fan-fiction
Various fandoms plus crossovers.

Chez Emma
Emma Keigh's Homepage. Here you will find Fan Fiction, Opinions, Discussions, and Stuff in general. Highlander: the Series originally was the main focus of these pages, but now there are stories based on Star Wars, The Lord of the Rings, and The Sentinel, among them.

Cordial Reprobate
Empy's FSP and RSP slash fiction

New The Chronicles Of Osgiliath
Anorien's collection of fiction and fan art related to The Lord of The Ring's characters and actors.

Destiny Interrupted
Fan and original artwork/fiction by Ponderosa

Kirby Crow's Fanfiction
More LotR slash, as well as other fandoms.

Fafnir's lair
Fiction by Beryll, Osiris Brackhaus, Vagabond and various guest authors.

Gondor's Finest
German forum about Faramir.

Helmboy's Lord of the Rings Page

Henneth Annûn
Heilt's pretty pictures!

Juxian Tang's Fiction
Juxian Tang's Slash, Yaoi and Origional fiction. Lots of it, and covering a wide array of fandoms. Also see her LiveJournal.

Khylea's Writings
Xmen, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings fan fiction, as well as original work.

Live Breathe Slash

Liz's, Mike's and Getty's website

Melina's Den of Fine Repute
Melina's fiction, graphics and more

Random Fandoms
Kelex's slash

The Ring of Steel
Lord of the Rings Slash Fiction by Dernhelm

New Saira's Library
Sairalinde's fics and art

Shadow's Lair
Home of LadyHawksShadow's Tolkien Fan-Fiction

Slashing Middle Earth
Sarah Eleven's The Lord of the Rings Slash Fan Fiction

The Palantír
A website dedicated to Fictional People Slash pertaining to the the works by J. R. R. Tolkien. Born from the free storage (and time) of the webmistress, as well as her love for slash and the characters, it houses fiction, artwork and miscelanea concerning our Middle-Earth adorably slashable people.

Warriors of Gondor
Hel's multi-chapter (20-some and growing) epic around Boromir and Faramir.

Your Cruise Director's Stories


Live Journals

Cahoskins · Elizabeth · Faramir_Boromir · Ithiliana · Jenn · Juxian Tang · Kris · Lady Elina · Lilith · Ruby Nye · Seadragon · Stewardess

Sons of Gondor Community
This community is dedicated to the “Sons-of-Gondor” characters in JRR Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings (Aragorn, Boromir, Faramir Denethor, Isildur, etc.) and the characters and actors (VM SB, DW, JN, HS) who play them in Peter Jackson’s movie adaptation of the trilogy. While slash makes us squee most enthusiastically, we have no objections to posting het and gen fics.

Ithilien Night - Boromir and Faramir Watchers
Simply put, this community is for the Boromir/Faramir watchers. And if you are here, you know what that is...
Like the two Gondorian babes? Fan fic, recs, wallpapers, manips and artwork are all welcome.


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