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CherryBirdie Cattery

Persian and Himalayan Cats and Kittens

Photo Gallery of Past Kittens

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Kelly's Male

8 week old silver persian (Christmas Kitten)

Silver Persian

6 week old Shaded Silver Persian

tortie pt. himalayan

Blondie at 5 months' old
Tortie Point Himalayan

Lady's Chincilla Silver

Chinchilla Silver Persian

Blue Persian

4 week old Blue Persian

Shaded Silver Persian

Cherrybirdie’s Silverado Sammy at 12 weeks
Shaded Silver Persian

Lilac Point Himalayan

Little Barbie at 5 months’ old
Lilac Point Himalayan

Seal Point Himalayan

Seal Point Himalayan

LaBrese Q.P. Doll of Cherrybirdie at 4 months’ old
Shaded Silver Persian

In memory of CJ.