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I've changed this around slightly - all the shows listed on here are now just the ones I will be going to. See below for a link to Tarah's New England Show Calendar.


9/2: The Speed Devils. Middle East Upstairs, Cambridge, MA

9/3: Deke Dickerson w/ the Pull-Tabs. Met Cafe, Providence, RI

9/4: Deke Dickerson w/ the Raging Teens. Johnny D's, Somerville, MA

9/9: Amazing Crowns. Bill's Bar, Boston, MA

9/11: Amazing Crowns. Worcester Palladium, Worcester, MA

9/13: U.S. Bombs, Ducky Boys. Living Room, Providence, RI

9/14: Southern Culture on the Skids, the Strangemen. Met Cafe, Providence, RI

9/17: Orbit. Middle East Upstairs, Cambridge, MA

9/18: Racketeers. Middle East Downstairs, Cambridge, MA

9/22: Ca$h. TT the Bears, Cambridge, MA

9/25: Amazing Crowns.The World, Farmingdale, Long Island, NY
Yay new shows! Finally huh? Hehe! Sorry it's been so long. Been to tons of shows, haven't thought much about updating this page cuz Tarah's New England Show Calendar is so much better than mine. She has listings for every night forthcoming, and she updates almost every day! I highly recommend this site if you're looking for a good show!

My going to each of these shows depends solely on whether or not I can afford it. If I could afford to go to every single one of these shows, I would. There's some bands, like the Crowns and the Agents, I try and follow because they're like my favorite bands.

Here's a list of clubs and bars in the RI/eastern CT/southeast MA area:
AS220 115 Empire St, Providence, RI. 401-831-9327.
ATOMIC GRILL 99 Chestnut St, Providence, RI. 401-621-8888.
BARNSIDER'S MILE AND A QUARTER 375 South Main St, Providence, RI. 401-351-7300.
BOATHOUSE TAVERN 3376 Pst Rd, Warwick. 401-737-9555.
BOOTLEGGERS 25 India St, Providence. 401-273-2555.
BOVI'S 278 Taunton Ave, East Providence, RI. 401-434-9670.
BREW CITY GRILL 2299 Post Rd, Warwick RI. 401-732-9533.
BREWMASTER'S PUB 733 Kingstown Rd, Wakefield, RI. 401-782-6700.
BUMBLEBEE'S 1060 Hope St, Providence, RI. 401-272-9599.
CAFE LAFRANCE 483 Hope St, Bristol, RI. 401-253-0360.
CAFE MONDO 200 Atwells Ave, Providence. 401-621-3228.
THE CALL 15 Elbow St, Providence. 401-751-2255.
CAPRICCIO Dyer and Pine Sts, Providence. 401-421-1320.
THE CAV 14 Imperial Pl, Providence. 401-751-9164.
THE CENTURY LOUNGE 150 Chestnut St, Providence. 401-751-2255 (same building as the Call)
CLUB CONFETTI 393 Charles St, Providence. 401-274-8760.
THE COMPLEX 15 Pine St, Providence.
CUSTOM HOUSE TAVERN 36 Weybosset St, Providence. 401-751-3630.
EL 'N' GEE 86 Golden St, New London, CT. 203-437-3800.
THE GREEN ROOM 145 Clifford St, Providence. 401-351-7665.
HOUSE OF BLUES 96 Winthrop St, Cambridge, MA. 617-491-2583.
JR'S FASTLANE 327 Washington St, Providence. 401-273-6771.
JOHNNY D'S 17 Holland St, Somerville, MA. 617-776-2004.
LANSDOWNE STREET MUSIC HALL 36 Lansdowne St, Boston, MA. 617-536-2100.
THE LIVING ROOM 23 Rathbone St, Providence. 401-521-5200.
LUPO'S HEARTBREAK HOTEL 239 Westminster St, Providence. 401-272-LUPO.
THE MET CAFE 130 Union St, Providence. 401-861-2142.
THE MIDDLE EAST 472 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA. 617-497-0576.
OCEAN MIST Matunuck Beach Rd, Matunuck, RI. 401-782-3740.
OLIVE'S 108 North Main St, Providence. 401-751-1200.
THE PARADISE 967 Commonwealth Ave, Boston, MA. 617-562-8804.
REGATTABAR Charles Hotel, Harvard Sq, Cambridge, MA. 617-661-5000.
SOUTHSIDE JOHNNIE'S 1412 South Main St, Fall River, MA. 508-673-3677.
THE STATION 211 Cowesett Ave, West Warwick, RI. 401-823-4660.
TRINITY BREWHOUSE 186 Fountain St, Providence. 401-453-2337.
T.T. THE BEAR'S 10 Brookline St, Cambridge, MA. 617-492-2327.

If anyone has any suggestions for clubs/bars that should be up here or a good show that I don't know about, e-mail me and let me know. Thanks!

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