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About the Contributors

Table of Contents

Foreword by Leonard Jason, PhD and Renee Taylor, PhD
Introduction by Peggy Munson

Doubt and Diagnosis

Encounters with the Invisible by Dorothy Wall
From What Her Body Thought by Susan Griffin
When Tiredness Gives Way to Tiredness by Joan Nestle
Object Assembly by Floyd Skloot


One Window by Dorian Key
Silent Trespass by Nadine Goranson
Prisoner of CFIDS by Mayra Lazara
Bittersweet Nightshade by Floyd Skloot
Right Where I Am by Kate Foran
Valley of Shadows: Journal Entries by Phyllis Griffiths
Stealth by Willy Wilkinson
Roller Coasters by Eva Marie Everson

Memory and Metaphor

Immune Means Memory by Kathleen Bogan
The Paradox of Lost Fingerprints: Metaphor and the Shaming of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome by Peggy Munson
Fossil Memories by Kat Duff
In the Shadow of Memory by Floyd Skloot

Synergy and Movement

On Life, Death, and the Nature of Limbo: Assisted Suicides in the CFIDS Community by Peggy Munson
From Activist to "Passivist": Where is the Mass Movement? by June Stein
The Gulf War's Troubling Legacy by Gary Null, PhD
The Amazing Illness That Doesn't Exist by Chris Szabo
Taking the Rap: Parents, Blame, and Pediatric CFIDS by Mary Munson

Fate and Faith

Kismet by Floyd Skloot
Spiritual Healing, Holistic Healing and the White Light Fascists by Caitlin MacEwan
CFIDS, Suffering and the Divine by James Rotholz, PhD

Love and Alliance

CFIDS - A Love Poem by Stacey Montgomery
What's a Mother to Do? by Gloria Kartiganer
Dating CFIDS by Andrew Corriveau
Revisiting Sick Sex by Susan Dion, PhD
Long Illness by Ellen Samuels

Books and Articles on CFIDS and Health Issues by Contributors

Kat Duff
The Alchemy of Illness

Susan Griffin
What Her Body Thought

Joan Nestle
A Fragile Union: New and Selected Writings

Gary Null
The Complete Guide to Health and Nutrition and many other books

Ellen Samuels
"Bodies in Trouble" in Restricted Access

Floyd Skloot
The Night Side: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and the Illness Experience
Music Appreciation

Willy Wilkinson
"Remember the Place Where Your Soul Lives:Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome" in The Lesbian Health Book
Also a chapter in Gender Politics of HIV/AIDS in Women: Perspectives on the Pandemic in the United States

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