"Attention all fighters, be on the look out for hot rodders. This planet is a no-fly zone for good reason, but rich kids like coming out here to prove how good they are, and they just end up dead."
You sigh and acknowledge your commander. Being there hasn't been any fighting in this part of the galaxy for decades, the military was as much a giant patrol as anything. This particular planet was on the fringe, a strange, beautiful planet known for having meteor storms in the atmosphere. So many ships had been knocked out of the air it had been declared no-fly. But still, it was horribly tempting...
"I've got something. Unknown make."
"Go get'em." Is the gruff reply from you commander.
So, you do, and receive a bit of a surprise..

Not only is it a ship in a no-fly zone, it's a cruiser, and it's making good time, somehow passing through the rain of fire without taking a hit. Even you have to say the pilot's skills aren't too bad, and you are about to hail the ship when it hails you.
"We are aware we are in a no-fly zone. Continue your patrol. This is a private vessel and we will leave when ready."
"This planet is declared no-fly and you will be escorted out of the atmosphere. What is your ship's title and who is the pilot?"
"I'd love to see you try. This is the liveship RazorWind and this is Lylatian-Terran RingShadow. This ship is a roving base. You're welcome to dock, pilot, but you're not escorting us anywhere."
You blink a few times, and look at your watch. Well, hell, why not, it's almost time for your break anyway... You dive your ship to catch up with the cruiser, and pull into the docking bay.

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