The Tennessee Free Trappers Association (TFTA) is a state wide not for profit association. It is comprised of dedicated trappers, ADC Operators, sportsmen & their families who together promote ethical practice in the taking of fur bearers through modern methods and regulated trapping while also helping to manage wildlife populations. The TFTA actively encourages the use of the most humane, safest, and efficient traps while also supporting trapper education

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Help Perpetuate the Nations Oldest Industry -- The "Fur Trade"
by Buying, Selling and Wearing "American Produced Furs".

*** UPDATED February 23, 2014***

Upcoming Fur Auctions for
20013 to 2014 Trapping Season.
Alexandria - Feb. 15, 2014

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2013 to 2014 Fur Auction Dates and Locations

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2013 to 2014 Season's Fur Auction Results

2013-2014 Season's Fur Auction Results

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2012 to 2013 Season's Fur Auction Results

2012-2013 Season's Fur Auction Results

2011-2012 Season's Fur Auction Results

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2009-2010 Season's Fur Auction Results


Up Coming Events & Fur Auctions
- Updated September , 12, 2008

3rd Annual NTA
Southeastern Convention


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If you are having trouble finding an Animal Damage Control Operator in your area, please contact the TENNESSEE WILDLIFE RESOURCES AGENCY at 1-800-890-TENN Or visit the TWRA website at: Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency


Animal Damage Control

Chris Florek Insurance Agency
Office: 615-868-6688
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National Trappers Association

Fur Takers of America

TN Conservation League

U.S. Sportsmen's Alliance
Formerly 'Wildlife Legislative Fund of America


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*** UPDATED December 11, 2013***

Upcoming Fur Auction for
2013 to 2014 Trapping Season.

Due to the low participation of
active members and funding within the TFTA,
it was voted on at the Fall meet
that there will be One (1) Fur Auction held
and a 4% commission will be charged to members

Fur Auction Results for the
2002 - 2003 season
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Fur Auction Results

Fur Auction Results for the
2003 - 2004 season
Fur Auction Results for the
2004 - 2005 season
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Fur Auction Results

Fur Auction Results for the
2005 - 2006 season

Fur Auction Results for the
2006 - 2007 season


Fur Auction Results for the
2007 - 2008 season
Fur Auction Results for the
2008 - 2009 season








Other -- Important trapping information

Information on Wildlife
and other Animals

Information on TWRA's Strategic Wildlife
Management Plan
For the Start of A New Millennium
Year 2000 to 2006

In Passing.......
In Memory of
Burl Gibson
of Lebanon, TN



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