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Northeast RACING WebRing
Northeast RACING WebRing

Design for all race teams, businesses, sponsors, crew members, team owners, and race fans that enjoy the racing circuits in the northeast of the United States. As well as many of stock car racing's stars and the competition on everything from Saturday night bullrings to road courses to superspeedways and drag strips. So slip on your helmet, cinch up the safety belts and let's go racing.


What is the The Northeast RACING WebRing?

This is a collection of sites with all types of racing interest. If you have an interest in any of the northeast racing circuits then the Northeast RACING WebRing is the ring for YOU.

I am attempting to create a 'ring' of northeast racing sites so that finding one site means that you have found most of them. Searching the internet for northeast racing sites turns up lots of information about sites that have no info - duplicates - or dead ends. All of the sites in this Northeast RACING WebRing will have fresh, relevant information about our hobby: northeast motorsports.

How to Join

Joining is simple, easy, and of's FREE! There are a few steps to follow, and they are important. Please follow them carefully to avoid complications with the entire 'ring'.
The benefits of belonging should be obvious to all. Traffic to the all the sites will increase, information will be easier to get to, and everyone wins.

Membership is FREE but member sites must adhere to the following rules:

  • Your site is directly interested in northeast racing of all kinds.
  • You must insert the ring code on to the page that you submit.
  • That's it! Nothing else.

    Now comes the time to register your page.

    This is a bit strange at first, but it works fine. Follow me on this: When you register below, your information is sent to the webring server and is held in 'Queue' as well as you will receive the HTML fragment code you need to insert on your site and also assigns you a site ID number and confirmation of your password, at this time it notifies me that you wish to be added. Now don't give up! This is all for a good cause, remember? I was intimidated when I first ran into this program and thought, 'what is all this for just get with it and add me or forget it!' It really is a good system though, and I believe it has a strong future. Once the HTML fragment code has been inserted to your site than you will be added to the 'Index' as well as the 'List', your in! That's it in a 'lugnut'. Remember, we race to 'win'!

    Submit site to Northeast RACING WebRing
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    Please choose a password. (Don't forget it!!)
    Keywords: Enter up to 20 keywords to describe your site.
    Description: Enter a short description of your site.

    Once you have received your Site ID and your password, you can
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    You will have this to put on your website...

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