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I have been informed via a message in my guestbook that my site content is faithfully-viewed but getting stale! So I have suspectedfor some time. The thing is....I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO ADD TO SPICE THINGS UP! Suggestions for new sections on OAD anyone??

Oh yeah and about the categories I divided everything into over on the right! I invented the "Fuinness" thing in Religion classone day because I was so BORED (of course!) It denotates the stuff that exists on OAD purely for fun. I was gonna do "Funness"then I thought "Guinness." Then I subtracted G, added F, and that is how the word "Fuinness" was born. ©2001 Ciara. Patents pending. (HAHAHA!) "Mor" means "big" in Gaelic. Basically I meant "more" stuff but cut off the "e" to make it Gaelic. Let's call it artistic license. Yeah....

Failte to Oscail an Doras, the fun, happy, and social Irish dancing website! My name is Jess but call me Ciara (everyone else does).

I danced with the McGing Irish Dancers in Cincinnati, Ohio for 3 years but quit in early January 2000. I danced with an adult troupe called the Horne Family Irish Dancers who focus mainly on performances for a few months later that year but quit just short of December 2000. Now I am a home-practicer, reviewing my past steps and learning new ones with the assistance of the numerous ID Vids out there! ROCK ON!

New Pictures Scanned April 15, 2001!!!

New Ramblings as of May 17, 2001!

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The last time Ciara got online to work on this page was May 17, 2001. She's getting much better at replying to the emails people send her, so send away! Just don't expect an immediate reply though you may just get one, but checking the email is getting harder and harder these days in the final days of high school....

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