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Memorial For the Mechanician Kenyon
Memorial For: Leading Seaman Smith

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From HMS Fiji Survivor, Asdic Operator, Leading Seaman Clem Walker

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April 20, 2001

I was speaking to Dad a short while ago about the Freetown photo and he tells me that the ship was there to escort a fast troopship to England, which they did.The troopship was full of Australian troops.As an interesting anecdote many,many,years ago when Dad was working as an Health Inspector with the City of Brighton here in Adelaide he was reminiscing war time memories with the Town Clerk who told him he was on that troopship!!!!

They were very worried when they saw a warship appear over the horizon and were much relieved when it turned out to be the Fiji. There had been reports of a German Battlecruiser operating off the coast of Africa. Dad still has a small wooden boat which he bought in Freetown which he always called the Fiji. He tells me that as small children myself,brother and sister cut our teeth on it!! Ron,Dad would like to send a message through your good office to former shipmates travelling to Crete for the anniversary of the sinking and the Battle of Crete:

From former Leading Seaman Clem Walker, Asdic Operator, H.M.S.Fiji It is a privilege to send very warm greetings to former shipmates who will be travelling to Crete to honour and remember brave comrades who lost their lives in service for King and Country when our gallant ship was sunk by enemy aircraft during the Battle of Crete.I can not be there with you in person but I will be with you in Spirit, remembering happy times and hardships shared together.

God Bless you all.
Lest we forget.
Adelaide,South Australia.

From Mari & Brian Walker, Jan 7th, 2003

NOTES: Dad didn't have the good fortune to go to exotic Bermuda/ Martinique. He joined the ship in March 1941 at Scapa Flow.Below is a brief diary of the ship's movements.

4June1940-left Clyde for Bermuda arr'd.Bermuda 10June for work up.
24June1940 left Bermuda for Martinique.
July 1940 working up at Bermuda.
31July 1940 arr'd. Greenock for CS.18 Home Fleet.

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