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Warning Signs

Warning signs are the physical and mental indications that you may soon engage in a self-destructive behavior (i.e. starving, cutting, purging, etc.). At first it is very difficult to identify these, but once you begin to notice your personal warning signs, you can choose to engage in a healthier activity. This is called using a coping skill.
Each person's warning signs are different. To identify yours, notice how you feel physically and mentally before engaging in ED/SM behaviors. It often helps to keep a log like the one described in the coping skills section. Below are some common warning signs:

Overall "sick" feeling
Pains (either traveling pains or pain in one particular area)
Sudden increase in energy
Sweaty palms

Racing thoughts
Disconnected feeling
Only one clear thought (often one that is self-injurious)
Slowed thoughts
Overwhelming fear
Irrational thinking
Again, use the feelings list to help you.

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