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The Wizard Of Nez
Part 15

Back in the Wizard's main chambers, the four stood before the all-mighty one awaiting him intently.

Wizard: I can't believe my eyes. You've returned with the broom?

Davy (placing the broom on the floor before him): That's correct sir. We melted her.

Wizard: Ah, you deliquesced her I see.

Davy: I'll take you word for that one sir. But, if you please, we'd like our requests now.

Wizard: Not so fast! I still have to give this a little thought. Come back tomorrow and I'll have an answer for you.

Davy: Tomorrow? Why can't I go home now.

Scarecrow: You had enough time already.

Tinman: Hypocrite!

Lion: Right on!

Wizard: How dare you criticize the great Nez.

Toto, walking amongst the feet of the others, noticed a green curtain in the corner of the room. He trotted over to investigate.

Wizard: You should feel lucky I'm not telling you to return in 20 years.

Toto pulled the curtain to the side reveling a man by a huge control panel turning wheels and pushing on levers. He had straight blond hair and wore a block suit with bow tie. Davy and the others slowly walked up to him as he turned and closed the curtain again.

Wizard: Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain. The great Nez has spoken.

Toto pulled the curtain aside again and Davy stood before the man. The man stopped his frantic actions and turned to the boy defeated.

Davy: Who are you?

Wizard (beaten): I'm the all-might Wizard of Nez.

Davy: You are? I don't believe it.

Wizard: No, I'm afraid it's true; I'm the wizard.

Scarecrow, Tinman, and Lion hurried up to join Davy.

Scarecrow: You're nothing but a liar!

Tinman: You cheat!

Lion: Yeah!

Wizard: That is true. I'm a cheat.

Davy: Oh, you're a mean guy, you are.

Wizard: Oh no, I'm not mean at all. I'm just not a very good wizard.

Scarecrow: What about Tinman's heart and Lion's courage?

Tinman: And Scarecrow's brain.

Lion: Yeah, don't forget the brain.

Wizard (to Scarecrow): Why, everyone has a brain. Every living creature imaginable has some form of a brain. Where I come from, there are places called collages and universities. People pay a lot of money to attend and then when they come out, they're smarter and with no more brains than you. But, there is one thing you don't have: a diploma. (The Wizard walks over to a closet just off to another nearby wall. The others follows. He pulls out a giant bag and retrieves a diploma from within.) So, by the power vested in myself by the good people of Nez, I present to you a diploma. Use it wisely, my friend.

Scarecrow takes the diploma and shakes the man's hand. He then puts a finger to his head.

Scarecrow (seriously): The sum of the square root of legs of a RIGHT triangle is equal to the square root to the remaining side. (Smiling) It's works? I have a brain. (To the Wizard.) How can I ever thank you?

Wizard: No need for thanks. Now (to Lion) you believe you don't have courage. My friend, that's all in your mind. You think that because you run from fear, you have no courage. That's not true. Back where I come from, there are people we cal heroes who, when they've done something noble, they are rewarded and acknowledged with no more courage than you. However, the have something you do not: a medal. (The wizard takes a medal from his bag and places it right onto the skin of the Lion. Remarkably, Lion feels nothing.) For your bravery and courage against wicked witches and other evil forces, I present to you this medal. Wear it with pride my friend.

Lion (blushing): Gee, I'm not prepared. (He shies away.)

Wizard (to Tinman): And you, my friend, want a heart. You don't realize how luck you are not to have one for hearts are broken too often.

Tinman: But I still want one. It would help my music so.

Wizard: True. Well, where I come from we have people who do nothing my good deeds. We call them philanthropists or humanitarians. In other words, they are good-deed doers. And they have no more heart than you. However, they have one thing you do not: a testimonial. (The Wizard takes out a hear-shaped clock attached to a long chain. He hands it to the Tinman.) And remember but friend, a heart grows not only by the love you give but the love others bring you as well.

Tinman (putting the watch to his ear): It ticks. Like a metronome. Listen. (He holds it out for the others to listen.)

Davy: Oh, this is all wonderful things.

Scarecrow: Hey, Davy's next.

Lion: Yeah, what about Davy.

Tinman: Yes, his turn.

Davy: Oh, there's probably nothing in that big bag for me an Toto to get back to Kansas, huh.

Wizard: Well, I think I know what to do. The only way to take the both of you back to Kansas is if I can take you back there yourself.

Davy: You can do that? How?

Wizard: Why I'm a Kansas me myself. I use to live on a farm with my family as well. I joined the circus and I would fly my hot air balloon for the audience. One day while trying to break my old record, the wind changed directions and I landed here. The people were bewildered and dubbed me Nez, their Wizard. Considering the circumstances, I accepted the job. But now, I shall take you, Davy, back to Kansas by my amazing balloon.

Davy: I can't wait. (The five exit the main chamber.)

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