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The Wizard Of Nez
Part 16

The Balloon sat in the center of the city inflated and ready to fly. The Wizard stood with Davy in the basket and made a speech to his people. They cheered ecstatically.

Wizard:...and so I must return to discuss my adventures with my fellow wizards. And, in my absence, the Scarecrow with his highly advanced brain shall rule with the assistance of the Lion and his amazing courage and the Tinman with his enormous heart. Obey them as you had me.

While the Wizard concluded his speech, Toto caught sight of a cat in the arms of one of the spectators. He barked and jumped free of Davy's hands.

Davy: Toto! (He climbs out of the basket; to the Wizard.) Wait just a minute; I need to get Toto.

The three men continued untying the ropes and the balloon took flight without Davy. Davy ran back to the platform and the balloon floated off.

Davy: Come back! Don't leave without me!

Wizard: I can't come back. I don't know how it works! (The balloon flies aff and the people wave.)

Davy (morosely): Now how am I going to get him?

Lion (sadly): Say with us, Davy. We don't want to see you go.

Davy: That's very nice of you but I can't stay here forever. Uncle Henry and Auntie Em must have stopped wondering about me by now. (To Scarecrow) Oh Scarecrow, what am I going to do.

Scarecrow looked up and noticed the Good Witch's bubble approaching.

Scarecrow: Look, here's someone who can help.

The bubble landed just beside the platform. The people all groveled as the bubble landed and the Witch immerged. Glinda approached the platform slowly and stepped up the top. Davy hurried over graciously.

Davy: Oh can you help me? Will you help me?

Glinda: You never needed my help. You've had the power to go home this whole time.

Scarecrow: And you didn't tell him?

Glinda: If I had, he wouldn't have believed me. He had to take a whole journey to learn it.

Tinman: Davy, what did you learn on this journey.

Davy: I guess I don't have to go to some city in the sky to be appreciated. I'm happy right at home. So if I ever feel like I'm not happy, I just have to look home because all my happiness is right there. That right?

Glinda: Yeah pretty much.

Scarecrow: But that was so simple. I could've thought of it for you.

Tinman: I could have written a song about it.

Glinda: But he had to find it himself. Now all you have to do is click your heals with those slippers I gave you and you'll be home.

Davy: Toto too?

Glinda: Of course Toto too.

Davy: This is so great. I can go home. (Sadly) But then I'll have to leave you guys too. I love you all too.

Scarecrow: Ick. Don't get mushy man.

Davy: But it's true. (He walks up to Tinman; Tinman is crying) Well, so long Tinman. I'm sorry none of your songs worked out before but I'm sure they will now with your new heart.

Tinman (crying): I wouldn't have gotten it if it wasn't for you.

Davy: Don't cry; you'll rust. (Tinman holds up his oilcan.)

Tinman: I know my heart works, 'cause it's breaking.

Davy (approaching Lion): Good-bye Lion. You know, I'm really going to miss how you use to run around and faint scared before you got your courage.

Lion: Well, if you hadn't come along, I may not have gotten it.

Davy (approaching Scarecrow): And Scarecrow, I don't know why but I think I'll miss you most of all.

Scarecrow: Likewise. You-You aren't going to hug me or anything, right?

Davy: Nah, that's OK. (He turns to Glinda.) I'm ready now.

Glinda: OK now, all you do is click your heals three times and repeat to yourself "There's no state like Rome."

Davy: "There's no state like Rome"?

Glinda (snickering): Just thought I'd see if you'd fall for it. No, just repeat to yourself, "There's no place like home. There's no place home".

Davy clicked his heals and, clutching Toto tightly, repeated the words over and over. Visions of his feet and his house spinning and falling spun in his head. All the nose around him blended and everything seemed to go into reverse until everything went dark. He then felt a chill on his forehead and the soft, less annoying sound of his aunt's voice saying:

Aunt Em: Wake up hunny.

Davy slowly awoke and found himself lying in his own bed with a wet cloth on his head, he aunt sitting by him on his bead, his uncle standing by his side, and his window broken. He sat up.

Davy: I'm home. I'm finally home.

Then, Pickety, Shorty, and Do-Do walked in by his bed.

Do-Do: Remember me, your buddy Do-Do?

Shorty: And me, Shorty?

Pickety: You couldn't forget old Pickety's face could you.

Then Professor Shooter walked up to the window next to Henry.

Pro. Shooter: I've just come by to check on.. (he sees Davy in bed) Oh, he's seems safe and sound.

Uncle Henry: Yeah, he'd be knocked out for about a day and a half now. We were afraid he'd gone and left us.

Davy: That's just the thing, I did leave and I tried to get back for days.

Aunt Em: Don't worry, love. You just had a bad dream.

Davy: This wasn't a dream. It was a place and you (pointing to Do-Do) and you (pointing to Shorty) and you (pointing to Pickety) and you (pointing to Pro. Shooter) but you couldn't have been.

Aunt Em: It was just a silly dream.

Davy: No, this was a scary place and I had to work to get back. Oh, but anyways, I'm home. (Toto jumps up on the bed.) Where's Miss West?

Uncle Henry: Oh, she never made it home. A house fell on her while she was riding him on her bike in the tornado.

Davy: Huh. Well, I'm home and that's what counts. And everyone's here. I'm never going to leave here again. I'm never going to run away because I love and care for you all. And, well, Auntie Em, there's no place like home.

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