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The Wizard Of Nez

The four bowed as the audience of little children clapped at their rendition on the classic. The waved good-bye and filed out of the room and shut the door. The all turned to each other.

"That was amazing," Micky chimed. "It had humor, action, adventure, suspense, and death. I love it."

"Me too though I could have done without the death so much," Peter added.

"You really liked it?" Mike asked. "Because I was thinking of doing this take on Cinderella next and..."

"Ah Mike," Davy spoke, "first, I think we can wait for the next one and second, Jerry Lewis already did it. I'm starving. What's for lunch?"

"Spaghetti and meatballs according to the school menu," Peter answered walking with Davy down the hall. Began walking with Mike following the other two.

"So Jerry Lewis did 'Cinderella'?" Mike asked.

"Yeah, I'm afraid so," Micky answered. "But you could try Snow White and Red Rose."

"Yeah?" Mike asked.

"Sure," Micky answered. "Davy could be the dwarfs..." Micky went on explaining to Mike as they walked to the cafeteria for lunch.


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