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26 July 2008... Greetings riders of the long-tail of the Sims 1! No updates or anything - I just happened upon a string of events that led me back to this site after, like, 4 years or something. I'm still getting visitors here, which is interesting to me, and makes me wish the counter (as well as the html of the color palette) hadn't broken a few years back. I'm sorry that the old angelfire servers are so stingy (or stingy-seeming) in this age of widespread broadband penetration (that's what she said...), but regardless, I hope you enjoy all the toys. The site that I attempted to have replace this one never got off the ground, but the free gift on the homepage are these really neat x-ray glasses that are completely super fun. You should check them out. Alright, see you in a couple years.

19 June 2004... A Potion-vending machine - no more chem set clashing with your sofa set! Earlier update: an indoor hamburger grill for you downloading pleasure - burgers on the inside!

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