Chemistry Set Potion Vending Machine


A potion vending machine, all eight color-coded potions from the chem set for your Sims' beverage needs! Lotsa modifications and crazy effects for your edification and downloading pleasure! Get 'em while they're hot!

Indoor Burger Grill

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A lovely stainless-steel burger grill for use indoors. No more having to go outside for your bunned beef! Hot Date required.

Dynamic Pool Rug Templates

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Dynamically-updating self-Orienting Pool Rug TEMPLATES for your Tmogging pleasure - no graphics from me, buck-O - that's your responsibility. Go read up if you're interested - if you're more interested, download them and check out their function in-game - think about it for a while, and maybe you'll decide to help me help you make some great self-orienting pool-rugs

Intermagus' 6-tile Billiards lamp

Billiards Lights

Intermagus has made some nifty little 6-tile billiards lamps for - what else - your billiards rooms. I added the tiles, but he hacked the rotations and put together the graphics. Go now - you owe it to yourself.

Wardrobe for the Underprivileged - update

download me download me - at your own risk

The second zip is the Superstar beta - read the readme text enclosed - it should allow you to change high fashion skins, but it's still in 'be careful' release. There have been reliable reports that people with Superstar can access all the features - but since I, personally, myself, do not own Superstar, I can not qualitatively say empirically that it works 100%, even if it does. So just keep that in consideration and download it...

I bet you're tired of going downtown to buy new clothes. I know I am. Although I don't usually like hacking stuff to get it for free, I think the clothes are a noble exception. With this wardrobe, you (your sims, that is) don't have to leave your (their) home to get new pajamas, formals, swimsuits, or winter clothing. They must have gotten some underwear at some point in their lives. So go ahead, spoil yourself.

Big Rugs

large rug large rug large rug large rug large rug large rug large rug large rug

Many people enjoyed the large rug, despite its flaws, and I've set out to improve it. Well, I gave up on that, because the rug was a mess in the innards. However, I've built one from scratch. So just click on the pics above to go to the Rugs page, where you may download unattractive base-object rugs with multiple tiles. They have four rotations for every tile, and every tile is unattached to any other, no more of that yellow-bleed problem with the center tiles, along with a very intuitive sprite directory for tmogging (the 't' is silent) - the corners and borders are noted, and every single tile is named for its subindex tile-number, and those subindices are also crosslinked to the spr2/sprite with the same number, i.e. dgrp=subindex=mog-folder=spr2=objdID. And of course it doesn't burn. What this all means is that nobody will use it to make rugs because there're too many sprites(haha). 5x8, 2x3, 4x4, etc. But remember, you must do the graphics (unless you're tacky!). Enjoy.

For an idea of what these might look like completed, visit the "objects" page of Simsdeco, and go to "Tapis - Ensembles"; she's placed them in some very classy settings; For those of you who can navigate around a (very well-executed and informational) French-language sims-design site, click the button below

link - simsdeco

Butler Plugin - read on

maid plugin

Too lazy to clean up? Too bitter to waste money on SuperStar®? Download the butler today! He'll move in for an exorbitant price and clean up everything.

The zip below was a Beta butler that would hang out at the door and greet people, shaking their hands and allowing them to enter - but it was buggy for some folks, and I'm too lazy to hack at it anymore, but if you want to try your hand at something technically challenging circa 1st Quarter 2003, then download the “source,” so to speak. Enjoy.

Alternative Fireman

fiery link

Sure you could call the fire department, but why bother when your neighbor down the block is a fireman? Why don't you give him a call? And you know he might even rush over without putting all his clothes on, as smitten as he is with the ladies-who-can't-cook down the street. He gets a little flirty with anyone who might call him out of bed, but it's all in good fun. And did We mention he puts out fires?

Yet More Themed DT Restaurants

cow tiki

Two podiums using the skins from the HP costume trunks, I had these bad boys on TSR in the old days, but now I've placed them here for your downloading pleasure! Nothing like fat little half Mb *.far files for all of us downloading freaks! So only download them if you want them. The tiki diner is simply that, and the western restaurant has a rodeo-clown entertainer that's probably been drinking too much. Sorry the screenies aren't in-game, and I'm even one of those people who's never had the downtown-lag, but I'm still not going there just to decorate. Anyways, hope you like them. Tiki on the right, Cowboys on the left.


download me large rug

I got fed up with my rich sims living in their opulent manors, with nothing but pitiful little rugs to tip-toe about on. This goes a wee bit toward remedying that. A 40-tile rug, using the same drawgroups as the typical 9-tile - that means simply choose your favorite rugs, export their sprites from tmog, and import them into this one. As long as they're tiled, you'll have the same pattern but larger. Get me drunk and maybe I'll make independant drawgroups for each tile. Email for instructions on where to ship the scotch.


download me turntable

She's come a long way since I put her on TSR, and admittedly, the z-buffers still aren't all that sweet - but she's been mogged silly! Sits on any surface, plays all home-lot music types, and just plain spiffy-lookin'.

Costume Changing Doors

stupid picture

Disco Costumes Formal tiki Swimsuits Western Rave Toga!

Throw away your costume trunks, everybody. No more telling everyone on the lot to stop what they're doing and come over to change clothes, now they'll do it just walking through the door! Finally a use for those 50 megabytes of skins! These doors only work when entering or exiting an actual room, and you must enter through the front. Have fun with your new themed restaurants, nightclubs and vacation spots!

Thanks to Duddly (now defunct but offered at the sims biker I believe) for the inspiration of his wardrobe-changing doors, Aenigma's site for the un-gapped door bases, and The Tom and his thorough knowledge of sims' programming code. I would've never figured out why '#4098' was always different. I've put up the roman sims link because the maxis male togas have sneakers on 'em. Tacky. Gladiators are much better. Or, alternately, you could dress the ladies like tramps and have an authentic frat-party. The choice is yours! Please note that the swim and formal doors don't change your sims to their personal formals, rather to a random outfit from the trunk. They also require house party, although if you don't have it and are willing to try, I'd be interested in what happens...

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