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Jimmi is the leader and original member of the band. After a stint in the Air Force where he taught himself to play the guitar, the Boston native relocated to Merced Ca and along with an Air Force buddy, formed what was to become the Steppin' Out Band. Formed in 1979,the band has been through many changes and personnel. Jim has played all instuments at times when the band was short a member and wrote many of the bands current hits! Jimmi has more than 30 years experience entertaining.He has sang his way into the hearts of many folks of all ages,including his first album with Phil "The Beast" Marasti,"Furnace Full of Blues",and The Steppin Out Bands debut cd"One Night Stand".For more on Jimmi,see all the other bands bio's. He's been rockin' the Central Valley ever since. Jimmi is currently touring with STEPPIN OUT and WILLIE AND THE POOR BOYS!!!


Dave "Don't Quit Your Day Job" Simenson is the keyboardist and steel guitarist for the group. Everyone else picks their best instrument, and he plays whatever is left over: piano, organ, steel guitar, mandolin, strings, harmonica,... he doesn't have a pickup on his dulcimer yet, or you'd see that on the stage! A Jack of all Trades, but a Master of None, Dave loves the variety of playing many instruments, and conspires with Willie to infuse a little jazz theory into the mix when no one is watching.Dave is also a member of "Willie and the Poor Boys".


Deb Lee is the main vocalist in the band and plays keyboards,guitar and percussion with a passion! She has the soul and feel of the early 60's and 70's.She will make you feel that you are reliving the good times and bring back emotions that you have long forgotten.


Williard Carlise "WILLIE" McCarn is the bass player.He also handles all sound reinforcement for the band.Willies career started by playing guitar in various church and gospel bands when he was just 8 years old! He has been in or on various sessions for records and even a t.v. show in the 70's.In 1977,Willie switched to bass guitar and in 1990 formed the first incarnation of "Willie and the Poor Boys".Willie also has a D.J. and Sound Reinforcement business.Willie's strong country background anchors the bottom end for the band!!

Z !!!

Sholem Zawolkow is the key to the groove for the S.O.B., and generally puts up with the rest of us with his natural good nature."Z" has been playing drums since the young age of 5. After taking lessons for 8 years from jazz and fusion influenced instructors, he ventured out to start playing in bands. Throughout his early years, he played in several original rock bands in the Sacramento,Ca area. During the late 80's and early 90's "Z" played club, theatre and college venues and has opened shows for label artists such as The Fixx, Spin Doctors, and legendary guitarist Steve Morse.


Micky Simenson is the bands chief executive sound person,roadie,groupie and spiritual manager.She's got her hand on that famous "Just Right" knob on the sound board. We couldnt do it without her!!!