the STEPPIN OUT band

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Jimmi Lee

Jimmi is the leader and original member of the band. After a stint in the Air Force where he taught himself to play the guitar, the Boston native relocated to Merced Ca and along with an Air Force buddy, formed what was to become the Steppin' Out Band. Formed in 1979,the band has been through many changes and personnel. Jim has played all instuments at times when the band was short a member and wrote many of the bands current hits! He's been rockin' the Central Valley ever since. Jimmi is currently touring with three groups:THE OVERTONES,CROSSTOWN TRAFFIC,AND WILLIE AND THE POOR BOYS!!!

Steve Pope

Steve is the powerhouse of the band to say the least. At 6'2", 300lbs, he commands an awesome presence on stage. He has a strong vocal attack that can range from the most sensitive ballads, to the hardest screamin' rockers around. Classically trained on the piano from the age of 4, Steve can rock with the best of um unleashing the screaming sounds of the mighty Hammond B-3 as well as lead and rhythm guitar.Steve has since lost all the weight and is slim and sexy now!!!Steve left the S.o.B.and is now rockin with other bands!!!

Eddie McGlynn

Eddie "Sid" McGlynn is the leader of the rhythm section for the band the past 11 years.He left the band in 2002. He is a strong, straight ahead drummer who's keen sense of timing keeps the night just rolling along. In addition, Eddie has a strong vocal style that is used extensively in the blues and oldies selections that the band performs but also can ROCK!!!. ED is now jammin with "THE OVERTONES".

Bill Demming

Billy Demming is the bass player of the Steppin' Out Band .People are constantly amazed at the abilities this young man posseses. He has a strong vocal style that is suited well for the more progressive rock and blues that the band performs. Bill has left the band to pursue solo interests, and is funkier than ever. He has played and recorded with several local original bands playing a wide varity of music from Reggae to Rock. But now he's semi retired and enjoying the good life!!!.

Jerry Lee

Jerry was the S.O.B. drummer for about 2 years. After a stint overseas where he toured with a few name acts,the California native relocated to Merced Ca and joined the S.O.B. IN 2001. Nicknamed "crazy leg",Jerry's style of drumming is multi-faceted and fits nicely into the bands many styles.Jerry is currently unavailable and is no longer the bands chick magnet. He is currently on tour with Willie and the Poorboys.

Woody Martinez

Woody has been in and out of the S.O.B. many times in the bands long history.He has played with many MERCED,CA music legends including the world famous MERCED BLUE NOTES.His strong vocal stlye and Motown bass sound gave the band that strong bottom line that it needed.Woodys current stint with the band began in 2000 after his band 45 SPECIAL broke up.Woody left the band at the end of 2001 to pursue other interests.Woody is now the bass player for "THE OVERTONES".