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Belly Dance
Good Sources of Information
Queensland Sites
Australian Sites
Bits and Pieces
Foreign Dancers/Vendors
Costuming Links

Belly Dance Links


Good Sources of Information

Shira's Art of Middle Eastern Dance

A wealth of information in this USA site.
The Gilded Serpent American Belly Dance Magazine

Egyptian Castle

Everything you need to know about Egypt including music.
Suite 101  Online community for belly dancers
Al-  Great site for general info on the Middle East, including art, food, history, music, women
Egypt Today Online news
Queensland Sites

Jude's Academy of Middle Eastern Dance Page

Brisbane's AMED site created and maintained by Jude. Info on events and classes in Brisbane.

Princess Shahara

AMED teacher Princess Shahara.
Belly Dance Artists QLD Profiles of Oasis Dance Troupe members, organised by Susan Buntine
Saghirah's Shimmy Page AMED teacher Saghirah's personal page
Araby Belly Dance Academy Web page of the Gold Coast "sister" school to AMED 
Bead Trimming and Craft Co Brisbane sequin and bead shop
Bead me Brisbane based online motif and fringing shop
Australian Sites

Amera's Palace

Sydney dancer Amera's site - shop online.
Sydney Middle Eastern Dance Festival All the info including workshop descriptions, programmes and costs.

Adriana's Site

Tasmanian Belly Dancer and teacher.
Dreaming of Jeannie Sydney dance site 
Terezka Drnzik's World of Danse Orientale Sydney Dancer and Troupe
Azziza's Site Includes guide to belly dance teachers and where to see a dancer in Sydney, article on Hagallah
The Seventh Veil Belly dance vendor in Melbourne
 Egyptian Bazaar Adelaide based vendor
Jrisi Hathor Dance Studio Sydney based dancer
 Ghawazee Caravan American Tribal Style group based in Blue Mountains
Bits and Pieces
Syria Live Video clips of Arabic Dancers
Shopping in Cairo Recent article on shopping for costumes in Cairo 
Shopping in Cairo Another useful article
Helene Erikson Info on different dance styles
Bellydance art Janet Morgan's art work 
Etchings and Photos From Aziza Said's Site
Museum of Middle Eastern Dance Order vintage posters/prints; music
Belly Dancing for Big Beautiful Women Tips for the dancer with a fuller figure
Female dance names Choose an Arabic dance name
Foreign dancers/Vendors
Hossam Ramzy Go to the articles section to find some interesting bios on the great stars of Egyptian dance
Raqia Hassan Egyptian Dancer and Teacher and organiser of the Ahlan Wa Sahlan  Festival in Cairo
Aida Nour Egyptian dancer
Aziza Raks Beautiful American dancer
Jillina Accomplished American Dancer of the Egyptian Style
Ultra Gypsy Modern Tribal style dance troupe in USA
Suhaila Salimpour American Dancer
Egyptian Academy of Oriental Dance New York based Yousry Sharif and wife Nourhan
IAMED International Academy of Middle Eastern dance
Aswan Dancers
San Francisco based dance troupe
The Indigo Tribal Fusion
Beata and Horatio Wonderful Berlin based dancers
Amani Amazing Lebanese dancer
Toronto Bellydance Roula and Hannan
Dahlal International Vendor
Joharah International Vendor
Belly Dance Stuff Vendor
Turkish Emporium Vendor
Costuming Links (I haven't tried any of these patterns but they look simple enough...)
How to cover a Bra By Dina, from Shira's site, diagrammes provided
Bra Top By Omphalo-Stepses,
Diagrammes provided
Covering a Bra By Anthea, with photos
The Basic Belt Simple instructions with diagrammes by Omphalo-Stepses
Harem Pants By Dina, from Shira's site
Harem Pants By Omphalo-Stepses, diagrammes provided
Circle Skirt By Omphalo-Stepses, diagrammes provided
Ghawazee Coat Basic Instructions - please note this coat is straight, not flared,  


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