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Info on Audio Recordings from Free Radio Newe Sogobia

Refer to the map to find each campsite, as indicated by the alphanumeric code.

9 Aug (Fri)Opening Ceremony @ Tsankawi; WALK THROUGH Los Alamos Lab on public roadways; pedometer is lost in the woods (but cars have odometers)
9 Aug (Fri) arrive @ Ponderosa campground (B1); after walking 10.5 miles ("mlz")
10 Aug (Sat) @ Redondo campgrd (B2); after 23 mlz from prior camp
11 Aug (Sun) (@ isolated canyon site) (B3); after 15 mlz
12 Aug (Mon) TAKE A DAY OF REST @ previous campsite
13 Aug (Tues) @ (near Clear Creek); after 15 mlz
14 Aug (Wed) @ Cuba, Immaculate Conception Church/Guadalupe Plaza (C); 15 mlz
15 Aug TAKE A DAY OF REST in Cuba
16 Aug(F) @ Penistaja, Kannon parking lot (C1); 17 mlz (from Cuba) (3 FSWers speak to 5th grade students at local school.)
17 Aug(S) @ Torreon, Chapter House (D); 10.5 mlz
18 Aug(Sn) @ Pueblo Pintado, Chapter House (E); 27 mlz
19 Aug(M) @ Christian Reform Church in Whitehorse (F); 12 mlz
20 Aug(T) @ Craig Ranch; 17 mlz ---BIG RAIN, and maybe A RAINBOW APPEARS?
21 Aug(W) @ Crownpoint, Yellow Cake Cafe (G); 8.5 mlz
22 AugTAKE A DAY OF REST in Crownpoint
23 Aug(F) @ Pinedale Baseball Field (G1); 22.5 mlz (2 FSWers speak to High School students at Fort Wingate.)
24 Aug(S) @ Red Rock State Park/Church Rock (I); 19 mlz
25 Aug(Sn) @ Gallup, United Methodist Church (J); 5 mlz--- With the support of Pax Christi, Dr. John Fogarty speaks to us and other Gallupians re: potential uranium mining. Tree joins the prayer walk.
26 Aug TAKE A DAY OF REST @ Gallup (J); 6 mlz (Radio interview on local NPR/PRI/AIROS affiliate.)
27 Aug(T) @ YaTaHey (J1); 10 mlz (Rudy Bobb graces us with hospitality & we have good stories.)
28 Aug(W) @ St. Michael's Mission ( #474 on Hwy 264) (K); 18 mlz (2 FSWers speak to students at Gallup Central High School.) A DOUBLE RAINBOW APPEARS
29 Aug(Th) @ Cross Canyon ( #454? on Hwy 264); 20 mlz ANOTHER DOUBLE RAINBOW APPEARS
30 Aug(F) @ Ganado @ Presbyterian Church/Sage Hospital ( #449? on Hwy 264) (K2); 8 mlz
31 Aug(S) TAKE A DAY OF REST@ Presbyterian Church
1 Sept(Sn) @ Steamboat ( #424? on Hwy 264) (L); 25 mlz
2 Sept(M) @ Keams Canyon ( #403? on Hwy 264) (M); 21 mlz Radio interview in Hopiland.
3 Sept(T) @ Cultural Center ( #379.4 on Hwy 264) (N); 25 mlz Couple who heard radio show brings us piki to eat while we walk. The same couple sends a meal of cooked fish the next day.
4 Sept(W) TAKE A DAY OF REST @ Cultural Center (4 FSWers not allowed to speak at Hopi High School, instead they speak to adult nursing students at local community college. Autumn joins the walk.)
5 Sept(Th) @ Hard Rocks (N1); 19 mlz
6 Sept(F) @ Big Mt (O1); 20 mlz (8 FSWers continue walking sans vehicular support, the rest of the group takes the vehicles on paved roads around 80 miles to Red Lake to wait for the walkers to make it through the mountains.)
7 Sept(S) (Homestay R/PW) (O2); 10 mlz
8 Sept(Sn) @ (Homestay B-L) (O3); 9 mlz
9 Sept(M) @ Red Lake Baptist Church (shuttle to #348 on Hwy 160) (O4); 7 mlz (8 FSWers arrive after rainy journey with no cars and almost dehydrated.) ANOTHER RAINBOW APPEARS?
10 Sept(T) @ Tuba City/Moenkopi ( #323 on Hwy 160) (P); 22 mlz (Walk past the now-covered uranium tailings pile, Tuba City High School administration DISALLOWS 5 FSWers to give presentations to classes after 3 teachers already approved of such.)
11 Sept(W) TAKE A REST DAY IN TUBA CITY ---BIG rain happens, we move to higher ground in Pasture canyon
12 Sept(Th) @ (roadside pull off on Hwy 89) (P2); 17 mlz (A man visits to tell us the story of hanging out in the uranium tailings pile as a child, playing with tailings and mercury toxic wastes.)
13 Sept(F) @ The Gap Chapter House (P3); 10 mlz
14 Sept(S) @ Kee's house (Q); 18 mlz.
15 Sept(Sn) @ (Marble Canyon) (R); 19 mlz.
17 Sept(T) @ Cliff Dwellers Lodge ; 12 mlz (#548 on Hwy 89A)
18 Sept(W) @ House Rock Jct; 17 mlz (#565.5 on Hwy 89A)
19 Sept(Th) @ Jacob Lake (S); 15 mlz (1 ml west of Hwy 67 on Nat. Forest Hwy 22)
(from Sept 20th to 22nd a few of our group will be @ the water gathering in Hopiland and the TEWA gathering in New Mexico)
20 Sept(F) TAKE A DAY OF REST in Jacob Lake
21 Sept(S) TAKE ANOTHER DAY OF REST in Jacob Lake
22 Sept(Sn) TAKE ANOTHER DAY OF REST in Jacob Lake
(Some of our family returns from the water gathering in Hopiland and the TEWA gathering in New Mexico)
23 Sept(M) @ Fredonia (dirt Road pulloff); 25 mlz (#3.2 on Nat. Forest Hwy 22)
24 Sept(T) @ Pipe Springs Nat. Monument/Kaibab HQ (#19 on Hwy 389 in AZ); 20 miles
25 Sept(W) @ Little Creek BLM campsite (#8.1 on Hwy 59 in UT); 28 mlz
(The rest of our family returns from cleaning up after the TEWA gathering in New Mexico)
26 Sept(Th) @ Hurricane (Brentwood Resort=#4.7 on State Street/Hwy 9); 18 mlz
27 Sept(F) @ St. George/Santa Clara/Anasazi Valley (V); 25 mlz Local News
28 Sept(S) TAKE A DAY OF REST in St. George/Anasazi Valley 8 FSWers join the local Swiss Days Parade !
& A DOUBLE RAINBOW APPEARS & Claudia Peterson tells us her Downwinder story--time for good heart talks...
29 Sept(Sn) @ (dirt road just past Shivwits Rez on old Hwy 91); 19 mlz
30 Sept(M) @ Mesquite (W); 24 mlz (on Mesquite Blvd)
1 Oct (T)@ Carp/Elgin exit (#100 on Hwy 15); 22 mlz
2 Oct (W) @ Moapa fireworks grounds (#75 on Hwy 15); 25 mlz
3 Oct (Th) @ (#58 on Hwy 15); 17 mlz
4 Oct (F) @ Las Vegas (X); 12 mlz
Local News
5 Oct (S) @ Las Vegas (X); Walk 0 mlz Abolition Summit (non-walking day)
6 Oct (Sn) @ Las Vegas (X); Start at NNSA Building at corner of Losee & Energy Way, North Las Vegas, then proceed to walk towards the NTS; camp @ roadside pull-off @mm #-- on Hwy 95, Clark County (exit to Mt. Charleston=HWY 157); 17 mlz
7 Oct (M) DAY OF NON-WALKING About 20 people attend a Federal Building Abolitionist/anti-war Die-In
This was also covered in a weekly news publication
8 Oct (T) @ roadside pull-off @mm #106 on Hwy 95, Clark County (exit to Lee Canyon=HWY 156); 14 mlz
9 Oct (W) @ Cactus Springs @mm #122 on Hwy 95, Clark County (Y); 15 mlz
10 Oct (Th) @ Nevada Test Site @ Mercury Exit=mm #6 on Hwy 95, Nye County (Z); 15 mlz
11 Oct (F) Keep Space For Peace Day
begin Direct Action Peace Camp
12 Oct (S) = Many activities @ Nevada Test Site--over the whole weekend over 60 people will "cross the line" and most will be treated as usual: immediate release & non-prosecution.
(((MEANWHILE, back in Church Rock, NM, someone burns down Mervyn Tilden's home.)))
13 Oct (Sn) = 21 people walk to Mercury, NV: FSW is officially over. 5 people arrested for tresspass @ Yucca Mountain; Total is 26 folks taken to Beatty, NV for booking/prosecution.
13 of these were released on their own recognizance, 8 had extra charges; The entire "Beatty Bunch" are being prosecuted!13 have trial days already set, 13 will be arraigned on November 12th.
14 Oct (M) = Recuperate from prior day's arrests & march with puppets to the gates.
News Conference @ Sawyer State Bldg.
Local News: ACLU helping our political prisoners
15 Oct (T) MORE PRAYERS @ Peace Camp (including sweat lodge) & Yucca Mtn.;Drive to Yucca Mountain; 55 mlz

800 miles !

HISTORY of NTS Resistance & Nye County Court Biz
Info on Audio Recordings from Free Radio Newe Sogobia

SEE MAP FOR THE WALK to match the location codes above to the relative geographical distances.

You can see a more detailed map of the final stretch for the FSW from a previous walk by investigating the annual desert Holy Week Peace Walk.

St. George, UT: 27 Sept | In Vegas @ NNSA/DoE Bldg.: 4 Oct
Federal Bldg. Die-In: 7 Oct | Federal Bldg. Die-In: 7 Oct
ACLU helping political prisoners 13 Oct | News Conference @ State Bldg.: 14 Oct
Weekly news on: the gathering @ NTS: 12-13 Oct

Louis Vitale goes to prison: 16 Oct
People protesting war & King George Bush I in Vegas: 15 Oct