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Family Spirit Walk | FME | Shundahai | NDE | UPDATED 24 March '003
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Nye County Jailhouse Blues

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We come together from near and from far,
We always wonder which one's the blister car.

Wake up each morning, hours before dawn
Jeff is grumbling, "let's go walkers, C'mon"

Gerti comes for her coffee, she's been waiting all night,
if she doesn't get some, she won't function right.

Aelfgifu's yelling "Jade! Jade!"
Who's run off with Taro to go and to play.

Everytime there's a chance, we have to stop,
There's so many addicted to soda pop.

Mark's yelling in the kitchen "Don't make rice, We have bread!"
And everyone wonders what's got into his head.

Bernard's a Capricorn, who holds all our cash.
If we shuttle too much it'll be gone in a flash.

Cookie is bummed; all the Newman's are gone,
It'll take EmergenC for him to walk all day long.

Daniel's got funny faces that make us all laugh,
but he's totally serious when he carries the staff.

We don't hear Malaya all through the night,
but she cries for her mama when she's in sight.

Norb is an elder and a World War Two Vet,
If he checks every thrift store, he'll find his chair yet.

Kelly's a woman, who is very sweet.
She likes popping blisters on other people's feet.

Owen makes frybread whenever he can,
It's great with coffee, hot from the pan.

Taro rides circles around us on his bike.
It's because he's a rider and we're on a hike.

Nick plays games and kicks everyone's ass,
At least when he wins he does it with class.

Jen, a Libra, is balanced and true,
If there's no communication that's when she turns blue.

Most of the time, Stacia is quiet,
But when she gets going, she's a laugh riot.

Andrew joined with us, in his brother's name,
If you know them both, their manner's the same.

Kay can't always hear us and for her it's frustrating,
When she doesn't know what's going on and stands around waiting.

Michelle likes her soda, with lots of ice.
When she sings with her guitar, it really sounds nice.

Mateo does logistics to get us down the road.
He feeds us potatoes and canned goods to lighten our load.

Tree is a young man, just past his teens.
He reads and stays quiet and is more than he seems.

Susi is picky about many things,
Like dogs and dirty hands but in the kitchen she sings.

Marcus is on the phone, morning noon and night,
no one knows who he's calling but he picks our sites right.

From Belgium Marieke came with chocolates in hand,
She lost her hat the first day and now she is tanned.

On Second Mesa is where Autumn joined up,
With Freedom her big pawed and teething pup.

Gilbert sent us off and will see us to the end,
When he's bent on teasing you, you know he's your friend.

Early in the morning, when the sky is still dark,
Willie keeps our heartfire burning with the tiniest spark.

Sidney got Taro to work on his reading,
and she always asked questions about what we were eating.

We can't forget the Wahoos!, three cases from Gallup,
We couldn't stop eating them, though they tased like Throw-up.

The kitchen trailer gets cleaned each and every day,
No one can tell, it's a mess anyway.

Then there's the blue van that hauls all our gear,
And the shitter with a stink that will last for a year.

At the test site we'll end our journey thus far,
Will we ever again want to ride in a car?

Nye County Jailhouse Blues
Listen to the .wav file now.
(Thanx to Don Grieser for the musical accompaniment!)

I know a place where gambling is legal,
The American symbol is the nuclear eagle.
Federal funding tests bombs and dumps nuclear waste!
It's simply nuclear madness... (to)
Increase radiation and sadness.
Anybody takin' action to stop government violence?

They're in the JAILHOUSE now.
They're in the jailhouse now!
They told us once or twice (that)
a nuclear-free future would be nice.
They're in the JAILHOUSE now.

The USA is a nuclear state--
Weapons and waste make the economy great.
MONEY'S important, NOT ETHICS or human health.
Industries make toxic waste (& most)
People don't mind this bad taste.
The whole world knows the US calls the shots!

They're under Uncle Sam's Thumb.
They pay the price of US greed.
I told the powers that be:
We've GOTTA stop makin' enemies.
They're in the doghouse now.

'Snot a multiple personality disorder (to)
stand up for your country and defy what controls her.
How WILL we ever break the cycle of violence?
Want justice peace and health?
FIND them within yourSELF!
We gotta work inside and outside at the same time--
We're in the JAILHOUSE now.
We're in the jailhouse now!
DEMOCRACY--that's our mission: along with nuclear abolition.
We're in the JAILHOUSE now.

The Great Unknown
Words and music by Dar Williams

Once upon a time there was a nuclear family,
And we lived in a family time,
And we'd unite in a family way.
And off the ancient mountain,
They were splitting every nucleus.
They said 'don't be alarmed,
Just don't try this at home.'
And they were the mystery that made the world run
And we had the power, 'cause they were the sun
And we called them our heroes, and the future had come.
They said,'look at the light we're giving you,
And the darkness we're saving you from.'

Soon they were bringing it into our showroom,
And they'd unveil it with it's title,
Bring your family, bring your family,
It's the Great Unknown.
You can look, but you can't fathom,
It's the Great Unknown.

I'm no ordinary princess, I was born in the cold war,
And my team is the Rockets.
Go team, it's a dangerous time.
And I dream of the moon and building lunar clone colonies.
And I build my peace with strength, that's the best weapon you've got.
Oh, I am the brainchild, I am the mortar,
With a plastic trophy and an eating disorder,
And vision as big as a great big wall,
And they tell me that I'll move forward for the good of us all,
And the good of nuclear families all.

And they think I think I am important.
I know I never was, no I wasn't.
No I never, and how could I be?
It's the Great Unknown.
Now we've built it, now it's ticking,
It's the Great Unknown.

And I am your children, I am millions.
And I wanted to sell out, I wanted to try,
But you know the sky got too low, and the ocean got too high.
And I tried to take God into my own hands.
Am I too late? Is it over?
Have I sacrificed my family to the Great Unknown?
There's a war between my conscience and the Great Unknown.

So I walked out into the Gamma fields
Out in Mercury, Nevada.
Where I stood in circle and that circle started to pray.
And the wind at the nuclear test sights floats the data at the radiation.
From the underground testing,
Cross the line, you'll get arrested.
And we came from all over in a silent appeal
As the drill comes down like a presidential seal.
And we stand for the living, and we stand for the dead,
And we looked out to see your enemies,
And we see that you're looking all at us instead.

And you think I am being disruptive?
But no I'm running home, I'm running,
'Cause I'm trying to put the atom back together.
It's the Great Unknown.
I'm just trying to put the atom back together.
It's the Great Unknown.

Dancing on the Ruins (of Multinational Corporations)
words & music by Casey Neill

We're dancing on the ruins of multinational corporations
Dancing on the ruins of multinational corporations
Dancing on the ruins of multinational corporations

Say "goodbye" to plastic and "goodbye" to cars
No more convenience stores; "HELLO" to stars!
No more Wall Street and no more Pentagon
Thining about these things makes me happy.


GOODBYE to polystyrene--we'll put an end to the waste,
There is no time for debating; we have to make haste
If we're going to survive without computer program minds
We're going to have to can pop culture!
And say hello to campfires and stomping bare feet
and naked amoebas hungry to eat.
Hello to primal consciousness and love for the land,
now that coyotes are running the country


Sayonara to suburbia and well manicured lawns
Bye-Bye Barbie and Ken doll pawns
no more developers or slimeball execs
your condos are on fire


No more christian country--we'll have pagan deities
and when we've destroyed technology, we all will be free
THE PAVEMENT WILL BE RIPPED UP, and the skyscrapers cut down
YES! we are coming for your children



Stand up--make a choice;
Create a world without nuclear threats.
All together we are strong now!

BREAK the nuclear chain.