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The Auto Farm Portal

The Auto Farm Portal

Greetings rare GM auto enthusiast! Welcome to the Auto Farm Portal. I'm Eric The Impala Farmer, and I'm an absolute nut about 70s and 80s GM Automobiles. This page is the actual index page for, what I've done is made it an entrance portal for The Impala Farm and further sites that I will be building when time and finances allow. The Caddy Farm will showcase GM C-body vehicles built from 1977 - on, and I'm also trying to decypher the crazy workings of my brain to come up with yet another site that will deal with Monte SS and Pontiac 2+2 Aerocoupes as well as the rare Cutlass Salon and Buick Century Aerobacks. I have a fondness for the 73-77 A-body as well, so who knows what the future brings? I just feel more discouraged every day when I see less REAL cars on the roads out there and more tin-can FWD junks, so I hope to spread more enthusiasm for the real cars that are left. Maybe they'll be saved and be a part of someone's life instead of being crushed. And, don't let the environmentalists stop you! All of us true enthusiasts of the American Automobile know we are not solely responsible for the world's pollution problem, and I for one (and hopefully I'm not alone) am tired of our cars being singled out! There are many other forms of pollution in our lives, and certain forms I also happen to have an interest in, such as motorcycles, watercraft, and railroad. Yet, have you noticed that these are NOT emissions-controlled? How about airplanes? To sum up, we, as automotive enthusiasts of true, quality vehicles need to ban together and share our wonderful hobby and enthusiasm for it. By entering The Impala Farm below you will be able to web-surf around the world and see incredible examples of fine GM rear-wheel drive autos. Just go to The Worldwide Link at the bottom of the front page and check out just how serious some people are, the workmanship and dedication that goes into restoring and maintaining these beautiful cars. This is what it's all about, so just click the shimmering Impala logo below and enjoy!

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