Track Pack 3 Index
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Track Pack Three - Basic EX Pack

This collection of RCT2 roller coasters is designed for "Extreme" scenarios - where the guests all prefer rides of intensity 9 or above. The prototype scenario is "Extreme Heights," which is included with the game, and is considered an "Expert" scenario.

In fact, Extreme Heights is a big sandbox. There are no time limits or cash constraints. It just tests your ability to build or acquire "EX" class coasters, as well as your patience. Look in the scenarios section for additional EX scenarios that will do more to challenge the tycoon in you.

The "Sweet Spot" range for intensity with EX scenario guests is about 8.3 to 9.3. Even at intensity 8.3, some of the guests will want to find "something more exciting." Once you pass about 8.7, all the guests are willing to try the ride. While these guests have a higher nausea tolerance than your run-of-the-mill guests, push the intensity too far and you'll have a full employment program for handymen. All of these coasters hit the sweet spot range.

The price points of EX coasters tend to be higher than for regular coasters. This is understandable - bigger lift hills, more drops, and more inversions are needed to increase the intensity to EX level. Well designed EX scenarios should take this into account - they should provide you with the opportunity to create and/or build bigger, bolder designs. It's the game on a grand scale!

The goal of this collection is identical to track pack one: to jump start your efforts to successfully complete some otherwise tough scenarios. However you choose to use them - from infrequent use all the way to complete dependency - know that I've made my best efforts to provide you with helpful designs, and I wish you success!

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Ride Name Ex/In/Na Price Highlights
Corkscrew EX 15x10 5.36/8.86/6.64 5,483 View
Corkscrew Shuttle EX 22 x 8 6.53/8.80/3.83 4,909 View
Floorless EX 7.02/8.97/5.47 14,437 View
Flying EX 6.49/9.18/8.05 12,784 View
Big Flying Turns 6.61/8.40/5.87 16,372 View
Heartline Twister EX 3.78/8.98/5.81 14,373 View
Inverted Impulse EX 6.23/8.97/6.28 9,295 View
Launched Freefall EX 3.59/8.99/5.49 550 see below
Lay-down EX 6.61/8.88/6.72 9,928 View
Looping EX Shuttle 5.10/9.04/4.63 3,332 View
Mini Suspended EX 5.25/9.27/6.56 6,056 View
Reverse Freefall-EX 5.87/8.81/6.24 7,750 View
Big Reverser 6.83/8.36/6.31 14,358 View
Roto-Drop EX 5.73/8.92/8.92 571 see below
Spinning Wild Mouse EX 6.70/8.79/7.16 5,759 View
Stand-up EX 5.49/9.00/6.08 9,377 View
Stand-up Twister EX 6.79/9.07/4.94 13,229 View
Suspended Swinging EX 6.12/8.62/9.72 10,848 View
Twister EX 6.61/8.82/5.16 14,703 View
Vertical EX 6.56/9.27/4.69 10,327 View
Water Coaster EX 5.36/8.86/6.64 6,572 View
Wild Mouse EX 6.99/9.15/5.65 6,817 View
Wooden Wild Mine EX 7.19/9.02/4.95 4,696 View