Pixie Power Pack
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Track Pack Six - Pixie Power Pack

By Fossil

In conjunction with the Pixie Dust Park Scenario, I offer this track pack for your consideration. Pixie Dust Park is large - over two million square feet. It is a "no money" scenario. Taken together, these facts are an invitation to build some large coasters without concern for expense.

My design goals for this set of coasters were these:

  • To fully realize the potential of each coaster type
  • A reasonable footprint, given the size of the park
  • Theming that is compatible with the options offered in the scenario
  • A possibility of track reuse

The design process required several phases. For the first phase, I closely examined the coasters of each type that come with the game. I recommend this exercise to all dedicated coaster builders. Clues for building each type of coaster can be detected, if you are willing to spend the effort. Examine the coasters' moves, number of drops, air time, maximum "G's", and its overall configuration. This is a good starting place for your own efforts.

For the actual building phase, I proceeded by building a section, then slowing the track down with brakes, and returning to the station. The stats were irrelevant at this point. I checked for maximum "G" forces, and imposed strict limits on these throughout the building process.

In a substantial number of cases, the third, fourth or later section forced revision to a previous section. When this happened, then each section was tested again, and revised, if required.

Once the coaster was built, I examined it piece-by-piece, looking for sections that could be built in an alternative manner. When I found a likely place, I built a copy of the coaster, built the alteration, then compared the original with the altered copy. Like the TV show "Survivor," one coaster was voted off the island. After many iterations, and when I was out of ideas, I moved out of the Coaster Designer and into the theming stage.

I limited the theming for each coaster to one theming group, plus items that are always available, such as walls, roofs, bushes, etc. This maximizes the potential for re-use.

I engaged in unabashed stat-pumping this time out. The theming is dense. Some paths are used as decoration. This is a stat-pumping device that is overlooked by many players. I recommend that you consider carefully before opening the twisty paths to the public - they were intended for statistical enhancement and decoration.

On each coaster's page, I give an approximate rating for the stats when "pumped." This involved the following:

  • The coaster was built with a mirror image.
  • The two coasters were "synchronized with adjacent track," becoming racers
  • Exactly three track pieces were run underground for each coaster. This was achieved by snipping track at ground level, raising land, and reconnecting the track.
  • A stall was built under the track.
  • Another ride was built partially over or under the track.

The stats given below are in the "pumped up" condition.

Above: Some stat pumping. The Launched Freefall is placed over Vertissimo's track. It's entrance path runs under the track. Two stalls are under the track. Notice just to the right and behind the Freefall Tower that land has been raised. Track goes underground there.


Lay-down Matey

TKO Floorless

Hyper Ventilate



Garden Hyper-Twist