Garden Hyper-Twist
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Garden Hyper-Twist

The garden isn't the only giant around
By Fossil

Take a ride through the low lying ferns and the giant beanstalks on Garden Hyper-Twist. This is a top-of-the-line coaster that can add distinct flair to a park. This was the first time I tried using the "Giant Garden" theming to excess. The results are entertaining.

The Hyper-Twister allows almost limitless possibilities for twisting and contorting the track. Letting me design one of these is like giving a bottle to a drunk. In both cases, seeing double is the result.

Stats: Ex/In/Na
Coaster Designer Out of the Box Pumped up
8.24/6.99/3.84 9.96/7.72/5.23 10.89/7.79/5.37

Footprint: 32 x 12
Theming: Giant Garden, wall, roof, base block, paths, hedges and fences

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