World War II

Unit Schedule

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 Date Due 
Key Concepts
3/04  905-908  
  • The reasons behind Japanese aggression and imperialism throughout Asia
  • The impact of Japanese aggression on Asian nations and the United States
3/09 908-912
  • The reasons why Germany was so successful during the early years of the war in Europe
  • The reasons behind the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor and the overall impact that the attack had on WWII
3/12 912-917
  • How the war swung in favor of the Allies near the end of 1942
  • The key steps taken by the USSR, Great Britain, and the United States to bring about the defeat of Germany
  • The tactics used by the United States to defeat Japan in the Pacific Theater
3/19 918-925
  • The impact of the new German order on life in Europe during German occupation
  • The reasons behind Hitler's attempts at a "final solution" for the Jews and the methods used by the Nazis in pursuing this "solution"
  • The impact of the new Japanese order on life in Asia during Japanese occupation
3/23 926-931
  • The steps taken by countries mobilizing for war: the USSR, the United States, Germany, and Japan
  • The impact of bombing campaigns on civilians in Great Britain, Germany and Japan
3/26 932-936
  • The key components of the peace settlements reached at the end of WWII, especially related to the occupation of Germany
  • The rising tension between the U.S. and the USSR as the war ended

Possible Test Essays

Discuss the ways that WWII was a war of ideology and freedom for some countries while it was a war of territory and conquest for others.  Use lots of specific examples to illustrate your arguments.
What factors contributed to the early success of aggressive nations like Germany and Japan?  What key steps did the Allied nations take to counteract these factors?
How did World War II impact the lives of individual citizens?  Include examples from all fronts of the fighting, including the homefront.



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