America in the 1960's and the Vietnam War

Unit Schedule

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Date Due Pages Key Concepts to Master
May 8 802-806
  • The priorities set by LBJ in creating his "Great Society"
  • The specific steps taken by the Johnson administration to address these priorities
  • The impact of the major decisions made by the Warren Court during the 1960's
May 10 873-877
  • The reasons behind deepening American involvement in Vietnam
  • The ways that U.S. forces got involved in actual combat between 1964-1968
  • The reasons why the Tet Offensive was such a key turning point in the course of the war
May 14 878-885
  • The conditions that made the Vietnam War an especially brutal conflict
  • The ways that the Vietnam War adversely affected the lives of Vietnamese Civilians
  • The impact of the My Lai Massacre on public opinion and morale in the U.S.
  • The specific reasons why the war was met with so much activism and resistance by American college students
May 16 887-894
  • The various forces for change that led American youth in new cultural directions in the late 1960's and early 1970's
  • The steps taken by Richard Nixon to try and end American involvement in Vietnam
  • The reaction at home to those steps, specifically the invasion of Cambodia and Laos
  • The aftermath of the Vietnam War: casualties, refugees, wounded pride, divided public opinion, etc.
May 17 We will take a small test/big quiz on this material

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