Text of the Vietnam War Review Game

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Who did the Vietnamese originally fight for their independence after WWII?


What did JFK call his vision for a better America? What were two of the areas it addressed?

the New Frontier

What did LBJ call his vision for a new America? What were two of the problems it addressed?

the Great Society; health care, poverty, civil rights

Who was the leader of North Vietnam?

Ho Chi Minh

Who did the U.S. install as the leader of South Vietnam in the late 1950s?

Ngo Dinh Diem

What were the southern sympathizers of the communist North called?

Viet Cong or NLF

Who would immolate themselves to protest Diem’s policies?

Buddhist monks

What gave LBJ the power to "use any means necessary"?

Gulf of Tonkin Resolution

Which president oversaw our escalation of the conflict? Who’s policies was he following?


What program was started to win over the hearts and minds of the South Vietnamese and clear rural areas of VC?


Name two things used to defoliate the jungles.

napalm & agent orange

List two ways combat conditions in Vietnam were unlike those soldiers had prepared for.

jungle, traps & guerrilla tactics, heat & rain, unknown enemy

What event led to the arrest of the Chicago 7?

anti-war protests at the 1968 Democratic National Convention

What was "vietnamization"?

turning the war over to the South Vietnamese

What impact did the Tet Offensive have on public opinion about the war?

turned many against it

Name one factor that made our involvement in Vietnam so controversial.

just cause?, high cost ($ & lives), impatience with lack of progress

What is the most infamous example of the paranoid fear created by the Viet Cong?

My Lai Massacre

Why did the U.S. attack Cambodia and Laos?

there were bases for the VC and NVA

Name two ways you could avoid the draft.

college, family, self inflicted wound, act crazy

What event immediately preceded the fall of South Vietnam?

full withdrawal of U.S. troops

What was the fate of many South Vietnamese families who supported the U.S.?

became refugees

What documents exposed the truth about U.S. plans for Vietnam?

Pentagon Papers

Which anti-war Presidential candidate was assassinated in 1968?

Robert F. Kennedy

What was the name of the quiet group that wanted law & order & supported the war?

silent majority

Who were the Hawks? Who were the Doves?

Americans who supported the war, Americans who opposed it

What brought an end to deferments for students and married people?

draft lottery

What were the students at Kent State and Jackson State protesting?

invasions of Cambodia & Laos

What did the 26th Amendment do? Who did this favor in the election of 1972?

Lowered voting age to 18, George McGovern

What minority groups were over-represented in the troops in Vietnam?

Blacks and Hispanics

What theory proposed that if South Vietnam fell to Communism, the rest of SE Asia would soon follow?

domino theory

What goal did Nixon claim to be pursuing in the Vietnam War?

Peace with Honor

What tactic did Nixon use to try and force the Vietnamese to the bargaining table?

increased bombing, especially the Christmas bombings of 1972

What group of soldiers was truly welcomed home by most Americans?