Text of the Unit VII Review Game

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Who most wanted the Treaty of Versailles enforced? Why?
France, most damaged & all alone vs. Ger.
What was Lenin’s solution to the economic problems the Communists faced after the Russian Civil War?
New Economic Policy (NEP)
Lenins death led to a power struggle between whom? Who was the victor?
Stalin & Trotsky, Stalin
What was the main threat that fascist regimes responded to?
spread of communism
What do fascist rulers insist the individual must put before everything?
the State
How did Muss. become Prime Minister?
appointed by king after Black Shirts march on Rome
What did France do in 1923 when Ger. fell behind on reps.?
occupied Ruhr
How did this impact the Ger. economy?
huge inflation, some unemployment
Name 2 parts of the Nazi Party Platform.
repudiation of T of V, unification of Aust & Ger., eradication of Jews, agrarian reform, confiscation of war profits, etc.
What was the first attempted takeover by the Nazi Party?
Beer Hall Putsch (Munich, 1923)
What did the Dawes Plan do?
restructured rep pay back (tied to Ger. economy)
Name 2 of the key causes of the Great Depression.
Crisis in currency & investments, commodities crisis,  lack of leadership
How did the crash of ‘29 affect U.S. investment in Europe?
stopped it
Why couldn’t farmers pay their debts in the ‘20s?
glut of ag. goods in market
How did most European gov’ts respond to the GD?
cut spending, wage & price controls
Who rose to power in response to the GD in Ger.?  Who did they use as scapegoats?
Nazis, Jews and Communists
What did Hitler blame on the Communists & use as an excuse to expand his power?
Reichstag Fire
What act of terror made the Nazi anti-Semitic program a clear reality?
What was the name of Hitler’s elite secret police force?  Who led it?
SS, Himmler
What kinds of propaganda were used by the Nazis?  Who was their minister of propaganda?
marches, rallies, radio, print; Joseph Goebbels
What was the Nazis’ economic policy?
Gear all production toward strong military state
What instrument guided the Soviet economy between 1927 & 1942?
the Five Year Plans
What did these plans call for?
rapid industrialization w/ specific goals for production
How did the plans expect to pay for these increases?
grain exports from collectivized farms
What class strongly opposed collectivized farming?
What was done to those who opposed?
death or imprisonment
What was the cost of this industrialization?
millions of deaths, lack of economic equality, years of self denial
What was Stalin’s goal in the great Purges?
eliminate all opposition w/in the Party (old Bolsheviks)
What old empire had controlled the Middle East for hundreds of years prior to 1900? What event brought the collapse of this empire?
The Ottoman Empire, WWI
How did the Ottoman gov’t respond to the uprising of Armenian Christians in 1915?
They killed 600,000 Armenians and sent 500,000 more into exile
What leader took over Turkey at the end of WWI and allowed for the official end of the end of the Empire?  What was his biggest reform?
Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, make Turkey a secular state, free from connections with Islam
What resource was discovered in Persia that served to increase foreign interest?
Name at least two of the new  “states” created in the Middle East after WWI?
Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Jordan
What was the first new kingdom created by Arabs in the Middle East? What specific industry brought great wealth to this kingdom in the 1930’s?
Saudi Arabia, the American oil industry
In what part of the former Ottoman empire is there a great deal of tension today?  Who is the tension between?
Former Palestine; Arab Palestinians and the Israelis
Who took over leadership of the Nationalists after Sun Yat Sen’s death?
Jiang Jieshi (Chiang Kai Shek)
Who did Jiang Jieshi identify as the two major enemies to Chinese unification in the late 1920’s ?
the Communists and Japan
What is the basic message of Mao’s Four Slogans?
do the opposite of what the enemy wants/expects
What was Mao’s “Long March”?
when Mao and the communists broke the nationalist siege and marched north to their only remaining base
Why did Jiang feel the peasants were not ready for a republic?
They were very poor and illiterate
Why did Jiang suppress all opposition and censor free expression?
he feared Communist influence
Sum it all up by identifying 3 of the major problems China faced during the 1930’s.
the Great Depression, Japanese aggression, internal conflict (comms vs. nats)
Where did Gandhi receive an education that emphasized nationalism and self-reliance?
Great Britain
Where was Gandhi when his eyes were opened to racial injustice?
South Africa (and its policy of Apartheid)
How did Gandhi respond to the massacre at Amritsar?
Launched his first major campaign of non-violent passive resistance
What kind of things did Gandhi encourage the Indians to do in their resistance of the British?
Boycott, refuse to pay taxes, refuse to work for the British
What event exposed the British to a great deal of outrage from the rest of the world?
The march on the slat mine
When will India finally get it’s independence?
In 1947, after WWII