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Russian Navy Propagation Beacons

Designated as "MX" by Enigma 2000, these are single letter beacons which are used by the Russian navy to test the propagation. Some are active all the time, some are only active when there are military training excercises or operations.
A list of frequencies and letters. Be aware that some of these beacons are active only at certain times, and the frequencies use alternate or sometimes change. Best reception is in CW mode, if your reciever doesen't have CW mode SSB works just as well. Best location for reception is Europe, especially in Sweden and surrounding countries, is a good way to hear these if your not near the reception range like myself. I will try to keep this as up to date as possible. If you have additional info feel free to contact me.

"C"- Moscow 4.558, 8.495, 5.154, 16332.0, 13528.0, 10872.0, 10782.0, 16332.0
"L"-Tirana 3.336, 4.091
"M" 7.038
"P"-Kaliningrad 3.167, 3699.5, 4.043
"R"-Izhevsk 5.465
"S"-Arkhangelsk 5.153, 20.047, 7.038
"V"-Khiva 3.658, 15.064.7
Cluster Beacon M- 3594.8, 5155.8, 7038.8
Cluster Beacons "P", "D" and "S" on 13.528.1

You might take note for E10 "Yankee Hotel Foxtrot" which shares 4.558 with the C beacon. ;)


"L" Tirana, on 3.336

"C" Moscow, on 4.558

"C" Moscow, on 8.495

"S" Arkhangelsk, on 5153

"R" Izhcusk, on 5.465

"D" 7.038

Beacons "D" "C" on 5.153

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