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HF Underground - A look into shortwave number stations

What are number stations?

Numbers Station Clips

Military/Government station clips

E3 Lincolnshire Poacher schedule

V2a Schedule

V2c Schedule

Russian propagation Beacons "MX"

Warrenton training center "authorized frequency list"

Embassy Antennas

QSL Collection

CONET Project CD information page

The one-time pad encryption method is believed to be used in creating the number messages

Click to learn more about the one-time pad encryption method
Simple explanation by random house
One time pad from Wikipedia
The Laws of Cryptography
Try this one-time pad generator
Guide on using the one-time pad
Images of one-time pad concealment methods.


Iridial makes recent comment about CONET Project discs.
Lyrics to "The Lincolnshire Poacher" Ana Montes Espionage Case
Simon Masons Numbers site
Chris Smolinski's site Ary Boender's site NPR Article V13 New Star Broadcasting Tom Sevart's page Buzzer station "UVB76" "Stations De Nombres" Val Martin's Spanish site Articles written by Chris Brand Download newest Enigma newsletter. Frank Van Gerwen's site Brian Rogers site "The Numbers Game" good clips here. Photos of "Counting Station" site. The Straight Dope Ryan Gabrows site TY from Japan Mr. Izumi's site. Freedom of Information Act request is denied (document)
Other sites of interest
Site to access the IRC channel #Monitor, where real-time loggings are often posted and discussed in real time.
Probably the biggest European pirate, Alfa Lima International! FRN (Free Radio Network) webpage

If you have a personal website dealing with espionage/number stations please e-mail me and I will be happy to post it. If anyone has any related images, websites, or any info please feel free to e-mail me. And if you want, feel free to sign the guestbook! As stated... ANY information, stories... anything you contribute I'd appreciate very much

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March 22 2005

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