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Government and military stations

Amongst number stations and everything else out there on the HF band, there is a great deal of military/government traffic that operates.

Strategic Missile Troops

Radio Station UVB-76
Utility type radio station which transmits out of Russia, the purpose of the station is to transmit orders, operational data, and time code to ICBM launching systems. It broadcast a "buzzer" noise which had given the station the nickname "buzzer". It operates on 4625 in the AM mode. On days of good propagation, it is audible in North America. I listened and recorded it on an internet shortwave recieved based in Ireland. The location of the transmitter is in the Moscow region of Russia. More information regarding this station can be found here

Radio Station UVB-76
3. 60th minute is marked with a continious tone.

US Navy

This is an HF Net operated by the United States Navy, I recorded this off my main reciever, RadioShack DX-398 during the late night hours. Apparently there is two known frequencies being used that operate all day and all night from current monitoring information. The two known frequencies in use are 3266 in the LSB mode, as well as 6249 in the LSB mode. I am not sure of the purpose of this net, but it is believed it may be for operational/training purposes.

"S30 The Pip" 3.756
Purpose not yet understood, it just pips constantly all the time. Might be a channel marker of some sort. Recorded from an internet reciever located in Sweden.

"XSW "Squeaky Wheel" marker

This is an unknown origin station believed to be a channel marker heard all over Europe transmitting on 3828.9

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