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My New Trike Project

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Well, I sold My first love, my Red Trike. So I need to replace her with another one. I plan to build along similar lines as the two auto projects. This one will be a standard VW 4 speed. I do plan to get a new freeway flyer trans along with a 1776cc new motor. If money permits, it will have Hyd. lifters. I will be building using the full tunnel since I like the extra length this gives the Trike. Also I like the shifter in the middle where it belongs. This way makes building the Trike a little faster and easier since the tunnel is very strong there is not much need for additional framework except for what I add in the way of floor boards and such. I ecpect this Trike to be long and low with a front end at least as long as the 2nd auto project. Stop back often, once I get started in a week or so, this project should move along pretty fast. I expect to have it on the road by January '04. Thanks for stopping by and watching my project grow. I've just had this rearend assembly for a few days now and I'm already changing my plans. This assembly has had the Vin number cut out for some reason before I got it. So I thought it a good idea to talk to the guy at CHP who will be doing the inspection for the license. I learned that If I built my Trike using this complete assembly, he would impound it as soon as he saw the vin had been removed. Not a good plan. So I have cut the tunnel off and will be building the frame from scratch again. But this Trike will still be long and low.