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First Milestone She's On 3

Nex Image

Well, things are not as I first planned. As you can see this front end is not long or as low as I had first planned. I rebuilt most of the parts a couple times trying to get things to come together the way I wanted, but it just didn't want to go my way. Building the head stand lower with a low rake was going to make a very long front end. It was getting to the point of being too long and I just didn't want to get to radical. So I went with a much shorter than usuale front end. I'm not real sure I like it yet. Its not what I was shooting for, but I think it will be better in the long run. Its set up at 37 degrees using an angle finder. The proper way to measure it would probably be around 73 degrees. I was trying for 30 degrees, but my front end was going to be about 50" out there. Just didn't want it that long. Oh well! This will work out just fine. Leaving in the Morning for a weeks vacation, so check back in about 10 days for what I do next. 9/27/03