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Red Lantern : The Crimson Divine is book 1 of a 4-part graphic novel series, which will premiere

- Here online, on its' own website

- Here on Fur Affinity

- And eventually in print, through Sofawolf Press


Book 1 : The Crimson Divine is a collaborative comic, between two artists


- RUKIS - is responsible for all writing, and character artwork/color

Rukis is a Graduate of the Rochester Institute of Technology, with a Bachelors in Conceptual Design for Animation/Film. She is fond of all things natural, and indeed brings a bit too much nature into her house, at times. She lives on a small farm in New York, using most of her time to draw, cook, hike, and draw some more. Her primary mediums are pencil, acrylic, watercolor, and digital color.


- ALECTORFENCER - is responsible for all scenery and landscapes

*description coming soon*