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Conker Live & Reloaded

The Furry Guy Is Back Updated with online play, better sound, amazing furry graphics, and Reloaded!!! Only on Xbox!

Game System: Xbox

Genre: Shoot 'Em Up, Strategy, Platform Game

Dimension: 3D

Point of View: Third-person, floating camera

Publisher Microsoft Game Studios

Developer Rareware aka Rare

Players 1-16

Downloadable Content? No

Online Capabilities? Yes

System Link? Yes 2-16 Players

Offline Multiplayer? Yes 1-2 Players Splitscreen & Co-Op

Online Scoreboards

Live Aware Enabled

HDTV 480p Support

Dolby 5.1 Surround

Xbox Exclusive

Main Character Conker

Main Villian The Fabled Panther King / Heinrich

Australia Release Date: July 7th, 2005

Europe June 25th, 2005

US Release Date: June 21st, 2005

New Price: $30 At All Local Game Stores


Reloaded Characters From BFD

Those are furrific! Nice job Rare


CLR Soundtrack Review

You might remember the very hard to find Conkerís BFD promo soundtrack from 2001. Now thereís a new Soundtrack out for Conker Live & Reloaded. There are 21 tracks to listen to from the new game. Singleplayer and Multiplayer music.

1. Conker The King

2. Came and Conkered

3. Undead

4. Surf Punks

5. Sad Bees Bad Bees

6. Rock Solid

7. Poo

8. The Old Chap

9. Sloprano

10. Bats

11. War

12. Beardy erm, Birdy

13. Beach Dead

14. The Ditch

15. Live

16. Three Towers

17. Doon

18. A Bridge Too Narrow

19. Castle Von Tedistein

20. Dis-moi Donc que tu es a Moi (So Tell Me Then That You Are Mine)

21. Windy

Every song in the game sounds great. Castle Von Tedistein has to be my favorite track. There are also some tracks that are done by Rabbit in the Moon. He did a nice job remixing the Rock Solid song, it sounds really cool now. The Surf Punks track sounds really sweet too. If youíre a die hard conker fan or just want a cool soundtrack youíll enjoy this music cd. There is also a bonus dvd, itís not as good as the soundtrack though. Itís mostly old stuff we have all seen before. Thereís the Mockumentary with Ryan Stiles, the E3 2005 Trailer, Still Picture Gallery. You also get the old classic versions of Conker The King, Rock Solid, Surf Punks, Barn, and Ole from Conkerís BFD on the N64. You can purchase the soundtrack online at or you try any local music store near you.

Best Buy also carrys the soundtrack for $14.99.

I give it a 8.9/10


Conker Live & Reloaded Review

Conker Live & Reloaded Bonus Disk Review

If you preorder CLR at EB Games or Gamestop you get all these goodies. It's worth the $5 too.

ē Conker Documentary: Where is he now? (Funny short movie with actors, comedians, talking about where Conker is now)

ē In-game movies (Many Spoilers)

ē Conker Multi-Player Maps

(2 great pictures of huge maps from the game with info on them)

ē 4 songs from the Conker: Live & Reloaded soundtrack

(Damn good stuff)

ē Game Trailers

ē Playable Demos of MechAssault 2 and Forza Motorsport

Conker Live & Reloaded Bonus disk is great, you get to watch clips from the new updated Reloaded version of CBFD. There are a lot of spoilers in them though, so I warn you. Jugga is shown, Neo Conker, Berri, and the weasel guards. There also a few other characters shown in the clips from the Barn Boys Chapter. You get the same Itís War demo from before and MechAssault 2, Forza Motorsport to play too. So if you missed out on the Conker demo, now your chance again. Another cool thing on the disk is the preview of 2 huge maps you will get to play in CLR multiplayer. One is the Three Towers, sounds like Lord of The Rings kinda. The other map is the Dead Beach level. Both look like a lot of fun, no multiplayer demo though. Thereís a lot of info talking about the levels too, Professor Von Kriplesac seems to be talked about a lot in the levels. For those confused thatís the weasel with no legs that hates the duct tape. You get 4 great songs from the game too, totally redone and sounding better than ever. You also get a funny documentary talking about Conker. Chris Seavor isnít shown in it though. He is in the credits though. Fans of Conker will like this bonus disk, the cover and cd itís self look very cool too.


Conker Live & Reloaded Demo Impressions By: Mr. Cribby

Today I went to my mailbox and found the greatest thing ever! It wasnít money, or a package, it was the Official Xbox Magazine with the Conker demo inside. I rushed into my house and quickly put it into my Xbox and jumped straight to the CLR demo. The load times were fast as lightning! Then the start of the Itís War chapter began with Conker and the other Squirrels in the boat waiting to touch shore and battle those evil Tediz.

The graphics are simply amazing!

Best looking Xbox game I have ever played, the details blew me almost off my couch. Conker looks so much better and the entire level is totally redone, looks so advanced! Conker also says new things in the game, and there are different things that were not shown in the N64 version. The Tediz are a lot harder to take down too. Head shots donít do a thing this time. There not terribly hard, but they take some practice.

Now the controls, there just perfect!

You can jump, with the A button while shooting or press in the Left Analog stick to jump too. Camera is better than ever! The music is also simply the greatest thing Iíve ever heard on a video game. The pause menu of the demo has a fantastic War theme playing. Now for the level details! Thereís nothing cheap in there period, everything looks damn good! Thereís also a few new things I spotted in the part where you shoot down the Doctor Tediz.

If you look over in one of the green looking canisters thereís a Tediz in one, that looks similar to one of the old ones from CBFD. Then in the other one, is a very nice surprise. He comes out to fight you, and heís not a happy camper. If you have a Xbox, you must get this demo! It is the greatest thing to do while waiting for CLR. Rare has really done it!

Rare's games always show true quality. They are worth more than $375 million, thatís for sure.

Conker Live & Reloaded will not disappoint Conker fans thatís for sure.

Conker fits right at home on Xbox and man does he look sweet!


CLR Preview: Fur Will Fly In 2005!

Conker Live and Reloaded is a completely reworked Conkerís BFD, updated, better sounds, better graphics and online play for those that didnít know that.

Conker is back once again and boy is looking better than ever, We all fell in love with him on the N64. Now we get to do it all over again, Conker looks just as Carl/Quention would say ďFan@!#$%^& tactic!Ē

Chris Seavor said there was no new scenes, but I saw a bunch of new added things in the 10 minute Itís War video clip. Which if you havenít seen you can watch it right here Conkerís new fur look is just downright amazing. This squirrel has never looked better. Heís not the only one with the fur effect either, a lot of other characters have some fur too. The single player looks amazing from what Iíve seen.

The video clips and pictures really show the true power of Xboxís graphic power. Rare knows what there doing, currently running at 30 frames a second Conker looks better than ever. The Tediz look a lot more violent too, there not your average Tediz anymore.

They look a lot more Evil, they donít have that innocent tedi doll look from CBFD anymore. Another thing that I am really liking is the lighting effects, itís very impressive and makes you feel like your really there. Looks like the camera angles have been fixed up too, but I never had a problem with the camera on the N64. I though it was just right ;)

Conker will for sure live up to itís N64 original, Xbox is where Conker should have been all along. He will find a larger audience, and fitís right in with master Chief and the rest of the Xbox mascots. If things go smooth for CLR on Xbox, Iím sure Conker will be Xboxís #1 Mascot. Now all we need is a frying pan and a copy of CLR and were good to go. Conker doesnít come out for a while though, some places say December, but Xbox says March. It will most likely be March for Conkerís 4th Anniversary.

Which is great, but so far away, we can wait though, Iíve waited for a new Conker game for a long time now. Chris Seavor and the Conker Team if you are reading this, keep up the good work. You guys are doing a furrific job on CLR

Preview By: Jarrod aka Mr. Cribby

War Squirrel: Yes My Eye Brows are Hairy :LOL


Conker has really improved!


CLR Character Renders

Thanks to from all these sweet renders



The Evolution of Berri: Thanks To Antonio

CLR Pictures From Play Magazine

CLR Info & Scans From OXM

New Info From E3 2004

Conker, gamingís notoriously naughty squirrel, arrives on the Xbox with a bang in an all-new Xbox Live-enabled team-based shooter,

Conker: Live and Reloaded.

The game features intense Deathmatch and Campaign story line modes via Xbox Live and System Link, and players can compete as one of six combat specialists across multi-mission campaigns covering Old War and Future War. The warfare promises to deliver the non-stop action, humor, and innuendos Conker is famous for.

Also included is the critically acclaimed single-player game, Conkerís Bad Fur Day, completely recreated for the Xbox with stunning graphics and unparalleled attitude.

Rare CLR Movie Here

Here's Some New Shots From Conker Live & Reoladed

Single Player/Multi Player Video Clips Here

Special Thanks To Mundorare, IGN, and Rare for the images below

Yeah Those Look Fantastic!

For More Info and Wallpapers go to Rare's Conker Page

Elite squad action: Players choose from six character classes, including Skyjockey, Long Ranger, Grunt, Demolisher, Thermophile, and Sneaker, each with its own signature weapons and abilities. In Conker: Live and Reloaded, team composition has strategic and tactical advantages and implications.

Xbox Live gameplay: Team-based gameplay, innovative campaign story lines, and distinctive humor all make for a great experience on Xbox Live. Online players strategize, cooperate, and communicate as a team in Campaign mode, or venture out solo against buddies in Deathmatch. Players can earn war medals, rise through the ranks, secure unlockables, and download new maps.

Massive arsenal for maximum carnage: Devastating weapons include camera-guided rockets, an acid thrower, and loads of grenade types. Operate five types of vehicles including Sky Steed, Mule Bomber, R-Hog, Toad Jeep, and Tankus and various types of equipment such as anti-infantry sentries, medi-guns, and a snoop camera. Special abilities allow players to disguise themselves or feign death and sneak up on unsuspecting foes to unload a demoralizing array of attacks.

Twisted and irreverent world of Conker: Over-the-top humor, characters, and gameplay dominate in every way with rude wit, lewd innuendoes, and ridiculous violence. The juxtaposition of the characters, Squirrels and Tediz, and their world is at the heart of the humor. The expressions, exclamations, and

special effects bring out the true Conker flavor.

Wildly bizarre single-player adventure: The critically acclaimed single-player game Conkerís Bad Fur Day is now on Xbox, fully recreated with amazing graphics and enhanced profanity. The game is full of hilarious situations, movie pastiches, off-the-wall puzzles, and crazy characters in an offbeat world, including horny bees, voluptuous sun flowers, singing piles of poo, and even Death himself

New E3 2004 Conker Trailer

Click here for Xbox's Conker page

Click here For Xbox's Bad Fur Day Page

( Shows the old CBFD renders there )

Special Thanks to & Rare for all the info above


Old E3 2003 Conker Live & Uncut Info Below

*Please Note CLU Got Canned then redone and named CLR*


Fake Boxart By: Alex Barrella

He's back, and he's packing more heat than ever before. If you've spent the last couple of years gagging for the next-generation debut of everyone's favourite amoral rodent, your time has come: Conker: Live & Uncut sees our hero return for a riotous multiplayer-heavy battle-fest which should sort out the

Squirrels from the Tediz once and for all.


Conker Live and Uncut Tidbits

Conker Multiplayer features:

It is now confirmed that if you don't have Xbox Live you can still enjoy some modes of the multiplayer via split-screen (just like on the N64).

Yes, we know your next question; is there any bots in the multiplayer?

The answer is yes, there will be bots, but only for the Deathmatch arenas so far.

Xbox live features:

As we've already said on the site, a large focus of this game is on Xbox live. During our tour of Rare HQ, Powerboy was basically told that the game is designed for Xbox Live, and that Rare has gone nuts with the Live feature. For those few that dont have broadband yet, get it. Playing this game without the LIVE component is like buying a Ferrari and only being allowed to drive it in reverse - you need to feel the power.

One of the new components using Xbox Live is the Team / Mission or Campaign based games which will be available only for those with

Xbox Live capabilities.

Conker: Live and Uncut does have LAN capabilities as well, so it is assumed that the Team / Mission or Campaign based games will also be playable via a LAN connection between Xbox's.

Other bits and pieces:

Solo mode:

When Conker's Bad Fur Day was released for Nintendo 64, rumours shortly spread rapidly about a hidden alternative ending, where Berry didn't die. It has been hinted that there may in fact be a different or alternative ending where the game doesn't lock up. Does this mean Conker can save his girlfriend a second time round?

Extra Tidbits

It has been confirmed that the world-wide popular "Rock Solid Night Club" theme will be back. The game will be uncensored and a cheatís mode will be back, but only for the multiplayer mode.

Source Rarextreme


Conker: Live and Uncut New Info

So what's the story with Conker: Live and Uncut

going back to next Summer?

Lobb: To all intents and purposes, when we showed Conker at E3 that was a prototype. We wanted to experiment with the game by doing a simulated team deathmatch and seeing how that works out. We were pretty happy with what we saw.

Everything you saw at E3 has been worked on - Rare has decided it wanted to go back and work on the multiplayer modes.

If you think about what's happening in multiplayer gaming today you can imagine a lot of the modifications that are going into Conker. Rare is doing a lot of great things with the original Conker characters and it's come up with some really creative ideas that we wouldn't even imagine.

Rare is truly innovating on Xbox Live. I think people will really be excited about it.

The goal of Conker is to make the best possible multiplayer game.

So what's behind the decision to bundle this new game with

Conker's Bad Fur Day?

Lobb: Rare wanta to offer a one-player game along with this multiplayer game. It felt that although Conker's sold pretty well by most developers standards, Rare felt it should have reached a much bigger audience.

So, the developer has taken back Conker and used it to include a single-player game as well as the multiplayer. It's not like Rare's taking the N64 game and just porting it over either - this is a whole new engine, all new art, new control - and it's called Uncut for a reason...


Yeah okay, I just wanted to bring this shizzle up. For you people who don't torture yourself with the mindless "Scribes," on Rare's site, they answered some question about Conker Live and Uncut!!

1) The Live part actually takes place BEFORE Bad Fur Day! That's why you see Tediz after they all died. It's sort of like a prequel.

2) The "Little Dutch Girl Tediz" are actually called "Doliz." Ha ha, Tediz, Doliz, get it? Ha ha.

3) The normal Multi in BFD will remain, and there will be more unlockable characters.

4) Robin Beanland is currently working on the music for C: LU, so it's pretty far into development.

There you go guys. CONKER INFO YAYNESS! Berri is dead, Brandy shall rule over! Yes! MUAHA!

Special Thanks To Ky0kiBakanoConker For The Info


Jarrod's Preview: Conker: Live and Uncut

Ever since Conker's BFD the red squirrel, Conker changed the way people see videogames. He first appeared in Diddy Kong Racing the cute little racer with diddy kong and his animal buddies.

Now Conker is all grown up and having his new adventure on Xbox. So far the game looks very nice. The squirrel models look better and now have fingers and other physical features.

Live & Uncut will probably be amazing when we see it. The online feature looks real fun too, it will be loads of fun playing online killing tediz or squirrels.

It looks like the tediz have gone mad too, one from the movie reminds me of that crazy german guy back in the old days, I won't say his name though.

The tediz look more violent too with their claws and there heavy machine guns.I'm sure they will cause some trouble online with the squirrels.

Now time for the squirrels. I haven't seen any images of conker yet from the game, but I have seen some gray squirrels that look quite cool.

I'm sure Live & Uncut will be a great game for old conker fans and new ones that never played Conker's BFD. Rare has always done a great job with games since the early 90's and I'm sure they'll do a wonderful job on this one. After all there "Rare" and they make "Ware".

Since Rare joined Microsoft Game Studios, some of the most common questions have revolved around our plans for Xbox Live. However, even the most ardent Live fanatics probably weren't expecting anything so comprehensive quite so quickly. In Conker: Live & Uncut, up to twelve players can jump in from all corners of the world to help man a besieged fortress against the enemy, striving to make the best possible use of its arsenal of heavy artillery and hand-to-hand weapons. Also, if you were paying attention to the title, you'll realise that the Live elements only make up part of the package - the rest consists of the classic solo outing Conker's Bad Fur Day, here not only in its entirety but actually expanded with extra footage that didn't make the original cut. If you missed it the first time around, you owe it to yourself to experience Conker's BFD to see just how funny (and foul) a game can be.

You can see a major difference in Fangy the dino

Conker: Live & Uncut hasn't been tagged with a release date just yet, but keep watching the skies (for defenstrated Tediz) and we'll be sure to let you know when the game nears completion. In the meantime, keep your shooter out and your helmet polished - there's a war comin'.

Windows Media Player Or Divx Player Needed

Click Here To Download The Conker Live & Uncut Video

Click Here To Download Conker Live & Uncut Footage

Special Thanks To Rare for the Article

Here's some superb screen shots

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